I like wearing my hat to the side,
I’m 29 and can’t read or write, but thankfully I can speak and you can understand it. yeah, it may be weeks before I even plan it,
first off I dig music
all kinds hip-hop, punk, jazz (frees the mind)
Soul and R and B from the seventies, and all the RhymeSayers like Brother Ali.
Last night, I went to the show to see Evidence rock the flow
and listened to Toki Wright, who’s last name is mine
and see real MC’s rap on time

Man, It’s a real gift to step on the stage and light up like a spliff, It’s like these cats know something we don’t thats why we pay $$ to go to the show…feel it, breathe it, feel the energy of a true MC rockin beats spittin on the microphone

to really feel it, the energy of the first beat drop
to quote Ev “Spread love like Peter Tosh” ,

yeah, I met slow flow imbetween cuts and shook his hand, and thought how does he do that man? Now, Ev’s from the City of Angels, and Ali Minnesota nice, True American Star Spangled,

but you gotta be gifted to move like they did, to not give a shit, and rock your own image, to say what you feel like the sky has no limits, and don’t ask for nothing not forgiveness, or wishes,

True MC’s speak truth to me, I feel like the beats a high for free
cause your hands move from side to side, and your head bops
when the MC grabs the mic.

The Fresh Air Tour featuring Brother Ali, Evidence, Toki Wright and BK One, made a stop at the Paradise Boston on November 8th, 2009

Just another jagged thought by Jason