About Oddball

We are : The someones and the no ones.

We are : The magazine for anyone who isn’t anything.

We are : For the dreamer in a nightmare.

We are : The poem you never meant to finish.

We are : The people who wash(ed) your dishes.

We are : People with mental illness mental health conditions.

We are : Photographers with broken lens that still create something beautiful.

We are : All and
we are : One.

We are: Oddball Magazine.

Jason Wright

14 thoughts on “About Oddball

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  2. Jim Schwartz

    I enjoy the opportunity to comment on the fine poems that show up on your site but don’t want to get harassed to join facebook as a contingency to participate in such commentary.
    Thank you,
    Jim Schwartz


  3. keith nunes

    hi, dumbass Kiwi Keith Nunes here wondering if my March 2015 poem would be on some sort of archive at Oddball? Thanks for your time


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