In case you haven’t seen me lately, I would like to reintroduce myself. My name is Jason Wright and I am the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine.   I just want to RE: introduce myself.

I write prose and poetry,

most of you don’t know me

or see through me completely

but thats O.K.

cause the world that I see

doesn’t even breathe freely.

I write mostly on trains, trying to retrain my brain

to restrain my eyes, from being strained.

Falling asleep quick

to the sound of the music

that keeps in my head,

and in my headphones.

I might be all alone, on this journey

from poetry,

to University

but I know, I’ll make it.

Trying to reengage my love of rhyme

and free expression.

After the world asks you “yes”?

you say “No” to their questions.

I write because I can

its my only outlet,

and theres so much we haven’t spoke

about yet.

But this world I live in is not so different then yours

so I am opening the doors,

to poets and more.

I am going to keep up

the only way I know how.

A business suit, never meant too much

to me,

just liked writing rhymes in libraries.

Putting up poets

just like me,

who write with the same fire,

same intensity.

College graduate…

to a job in telephone?

Come on man,

thats not me.

So here I am

I am back and going to keep to it.

A different poet

Each week.

Hold me to it.

And if you don’t see me regularly

then let me know.

And I’ll be back with more.

And more.

And more.

One life to live y’all.

Stop staring at the walls.

Just another Jagged Thought

Thanks for your continuing readership.