I dropped the ball today

Fell on my face today

Almost broke my headphones

And heart today

Limped around all day

Looked crazy today

Said that I couldn’t take it anymore today

Wrote today

Almost lost my mind today

Found out pain is real today

Sometimes when you think you feel nothing

You are reminded

Pain is very much real

Usually it is

In my heart

My chest when I breathe

My head when I think

My motivation when I move

My thoughts and how they protrude

Out of my skin, like if this was the beginning

Surely theres an end

Of pain

Thought I couldn’t handle my day today

Said I was ashamed today

Said I was crazy today

Looked at someone the wrong way today

Tripped over my feet today

God kicked my ass today

But I got to come home to you

And ordered chinese food

And I guess everything wasn’t so bad


Yesterday, I felt fine

Only pain was in my brain

Not in my skin

I don’t have skin

I’m just muscle and tendon

Wrapped loosely with ribbons

But tomorrow is a new day,

So I will enjoy the night tonight

Where I can sit down and write tonight

Relieve my pain with each sentence typed

Look at you and feel fine tonight

Laugh with you and laugh away the pain, tonight

Love you cause you love me tonight

And everything will be alright tonight,

Everything will be alright.


Today is over,

Tomorrow is a whole ‘nother animal

But maybe I’ll stop and see the city tomorrow

Really stop and see

The city