O.k, so I just had a five hour energy drink, just a sip. I am going to write something now. What is there to talk about. First off I am awesome, and everyone who doesn’t realize I am awesome, is not awesome. Second off, I rule. Anyone who doesn’t think I rule, or does not realize I rule, does not rule. Third off, I rock, anyone who doesn’t think I rock, or doesn’t believe I rock, does not rock.


me being totally awesome in Jamaica

So I am going to take you back to a time, a little time I like to call Halloween, 2009. It was great. First off, I was a blues brother, which is awesome, and my friend TJ was the other blues brother which made us both super awesome. I was Elwood, the blues brother on a mission from god. TJ was Jake, the other blues brother, who couldn’t keep himself out of Jail. Both totally awesome. We had so many pictures of us taken, that it was as is, totally awesome.

My friends Adam and Liz, who got married recently, went as Chunk and Sloth from the Goonies. They were totally awesome. Adam, was Sloth, and was a true rock star. Everyone and their mom, asked for his picture. After it was all said and done, Adam and Liz both agreed that being rich and famous, would not be awesome, as most people think it would be.

I think being rich and famous, would be totally awesome.

So that was Halloween.


kneeing Jonathan Bursell in the balls is totally awesome.

Lisa and I are getting along great which is totally awesome. I decided I would stay home today, and write, and wait for the show tonight. (Which will be totally awesome.) Im going to see Brother Ali, with Evidence and Toki Wright. (No relation). That is going to be a totally awesome show. My friend Rob, who is by definition totally awesome, is going with me. He has to go to a wake first, which, as we know are not awesome. Wakes, not awesome. People passing away, not awesome. I called my friend TJ and he is going to a wedding tonight, which is by definition totally awesome. Not the fact that TJ can’t hang out, which is not awesome, but the fact that people pledging their lives together, and celebrating with an open bar, is by nature totally awesome.

I still haven’t found a job, which is not awesome. Quit drinking, which is awesome in some respects, but not awesome, in the fact that I don’t drink anymore. I mean beer is awesome, there are so many different varieties, and they all taste so good, which is totally awesome. Not awesome, is the hangover, and the fact that I shouldn’t be drinking on meds, which drinking on meds, is definitely not awesome. I also swore off caffeine which was an awesome idea at the time, but now that I just had a little caffeine, I feel awesome, that I am writing this. But not awesome in the fact that the reason i am writing such an awesome piece right now, because I am jacked up on caffeine.

So in recap

Blues Brothers-Awesome
TJ, Rob, Lisa, Brother Ali, Evidence, Toki Wright, Liz and Adam-Awesome
Wakes- not awesome
People dying-not Awesome
Weddings- Awesome
People pledging their lives together with an open bar-Awesome
Quitting Drinking-awesome
Quitting caffeine- not so awesome
Unemployment-not awesome
Jason Wright- totally awesome

Just another Jagged Thought by Jason