So a lot of people don’t get poetry
this poem is for them…

Roses are red, Violets are blue

This is the beginning of a poem
You’ve known since childhood
This is the beginning of a poem
When people used to say
That poetry began with this lame phrase
So confused are people about who poets are and what they do
And only know Poe and Dr. Seuss
Some people need a new introduction
To the written word
Welcome to the warmth of the earth
You’ve known poetry
since the day of your birth
And continue to know it
Listen to the words on the radio
Flowing from a hi-fi stereo
Each word was scribbled down first
On pad from paper from papyrus
And you listen to it,

That’s another notion about poetry
That its only for boring intellectuals who use difficult verse to describe a mundane universe
Of words
Then there is the difference between snapping and clapping
There’s really no difference
Both showing love
One sounds a little too pretentious
And the other is the human response
To words that move you and make you feel something
Different then your used to
Then there is the classics
Everyone was forced to learn in school
To be or not to be, do not go gentle into that good night, the pledge of allegiance
All words all poems
All have different meanings
But I don’t want to lose the audience
back to the beginning
Roses are red, Violets are blue
But before I go
Let me tell you
poetry is for everyone who has words or worse to worry with
Everyone has this talent to do this
So when someone says poetry is for pretentious idiots
It is, but it is also for
the spiritualist
The activist
The hip hop kids
The linguist
The wordsmith
The worse for wear
And the neverdids
The headbangers
The wallflowers
The muscle head
And brain dead
The patriot
And the anarchist
The tame and the loud
The free
The shackled
The ashamed
And proud
The lover
The martyr
The show stoppers
And the ticket takers

Poetry is for you listening
And me writing this
Little list
Of people id like to see join

The community needs you

Fuck roses are red violets are blue
If you think that poetry is that
Then you might want to read this one again

Or pick up the pen
I guarantee you’ll feel something
And if you don’t
Well that’s your opinion
However stupid

your entitled to it
And I’m entitled to write a thousand poems
To disprove it

All you need to do is write down a sentence or two
An then two more
Then let your mind go
And damn
You’ll be looking at a poem

And you can thank me when I see you again.

Or Email me.
Email is good too.