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train of thought 2
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Train of Thought 2: Almost Home; More Poems from the Red Line
by Jason Wright
This gritty portrayal of art through adversity picks up where the author left us in Train of Thought; Poems from the Red Line. The book begins in Kendall Square, the home of M.I.T; moves on to Central Square, the land of the Out of the Blue Gallery, The Middle East, and once T.T the Bears; on to Harvard with the Hahvad Punk kids; and exits at the home of famed Johnny D’s, Davis Square. Join a poet with time to kill on the MBTA, with his worst enemy, his mind, and his best friend, the pen.
*all proceeds from this book go to support the oddball foundation,
and its mission to promote mental health through advocacy and art.

other books from oddball magazine publishing

Prayer: Fix My Set: Martha Boss
The first book published by oddball magazine publishing, from a truly pull no punches poet, with biting wit and savvy prose, this is a must-read, one that is only available from oddball magazine publishing.
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Prayer for the Misbegotten: Julia Carlson
The second book from oddball publishing from Boston poet Julia Carlson. This is a solid book, read it. Raw unfiltered art. Step into the poetry of Julia Carlson, and say a prayer for the misbegotten. Cover Artwork by oddball artist Stacy Esch.
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Train of Thought, Poems from the Red Line: Jason Wright 
A literary kick in the teeth.  The first of two collections of moving poetry from oddball magazine’s founder. From T to Shining T, this is the journey of one poet, with one long commute on the MBTA.
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Twilight Reflections: Stephen Wright
A beautiful reflection from a truth seeker, a spiritual awakening, and an inspirational motivational book from oddball magazine publishing. A must-read for anyone looking for fulfillment, the meaning of serendipity, and hope. A truly transformative read.
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books from oddball columnists

Collapsed Bookshelf
The Collapsed Bookshelf: Chad Parenteau
A powerful series of poetry from acclaimed Boston poet and Associate Editor of oddball magazine and host of Stone Soup Poetry.
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A Letter to the World: Jason Wright
The letter to the world that never wrote to the editor and founder of oddball magazine an explosive debut.
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Street Photo for book cover.
Becoming Vulnerable:
Joshua Corwin
The debut collection of Incentovise columnist, and electric Los Angeles poet Joshua Corwin.
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Patron Emeritus: Chad Parenteau
A dynamite read that pulls no punches from the one and only Chad Parenteau, Associate Editor of oddball magazine and host of Stone Soup Poetry, the livest and long-standing open mic in Boston.
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Joe Gouveia
The beautiful words of the late, great Joe, “Joe Go”, Gouveia. A poet loved by many who left too soon. A moving collection of poems.
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It’s Always Sunrise Somewhere and Other Stories: Jaques Fleury
An incredibly moving collection of writings from famed poet and oddball columnist Jaques Fleury. An enriching read from a past Poet Populist of Cambridge, Massachusetts.
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books from past oddball show guests

The Trouble With Language: Rebecca Fishow
The debut collection of short stories, from oddball show podcast guest Rebecca Fishow. An incredible array of prose and wit, these short stories you will not soon forget.
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Outside Mental Health: Voices and Visions of Madness: Will Hall
An amazing and entertaining compilation of life stories from psychiatric survivors, brought to you by past oddball show guest, Will Hall.
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Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs and Withdrawal: Will Hall and The Icarus Project
A harm reduction guide for psych meds withdrawal.    Free download version is available brought to you by creator Will Hall, a past guest on the oddball show.
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Now I See the Moon: Elaine Hall
A must-read from Elaine Hall, guest of the oddball show and founder of the Miracle Project, this is a beautiful memoir of a mother’s journey to see the world of her autistic son. Seriously gives you such joy, it’s a great read.
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Punk Science:
Dr. Manjir Samanta-Loughton
Oddball show guest Dr. Manjir Samanta Loughton, an astrophysicist, and founder of the blackhole principle, the original punk scientist from across the pond, an amazing read that will expand your mind, on the universe, the cosmos, and the world and why we do what we do.
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The Genius Groove:
Dr. Manjir Samanta-Loughton
Oddball show guest Dr. Manjir Samanta Loughton dives deeper into the Black Hole Principle, the cause of genius, and creativity. There is no other book like this, quantum physics and genius, a great read to explore the power of your mind.
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Vermin's book cover. Boot hat on cartoon head.
I, Pony:
Vermin Supreme
Blueprint for a New America a must-have from oddball show guest and true patriot, Vermin Supreme.
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Mental Illness is an Asshole:
Gabe Howard
Poetry For The Neon Apocalypse: Jake Tringali
A hyper colorful look at the world through the punk rock poet and host of the Outskirt Poetry Podcast as well as oddball show guest, Jake Tringali.
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