woke up from a pretty vivid dream. Almost a nightmare, not quite sure of what it is. But it is kind of funny, if only to me. In my dreams I always have realizations that shake me from ever doing anything that I am afraid of. In this case it was something simple. It was something that I used to enjoy, Something I would do listening to music, and something that made my life alot more exciting, yet a little too exciting for even me.

My nightmares are like Kandinsky paintings

This might have been a product of a nicotine patch, but it can’t be because I took it off before I went to bed. So here it is.

I am offered a little something green. I feel fine. I am hanging out with people from work, and some of mine and Lisa’s friends. Then all of a sudden I start….thinking. I tell this one overdramatic girl, that I usually don’t partake because I have a condition called thought broadcasting. She doesn’t believe me. So I say. watch this. This is so vivid, that I had to write it down. Yes, thats right it is 5:20 and I have just woken up from a stoner dream.

Alright back to the dream. So there I am, and there she is. And she doesn’t believe me that I can thought broadcast or whatever. I am still laughing in my head, when I think of some of the things here. O.K, So I let out a thought, and like a shot gun, it goes right into her head. And she starts immediately crying. Not a bullet, just a thought. She looks at me like I am some kind of freak, and runs off.

At this point, I realize that I can’t partake in this american past time around people, so I get back to my little place. By myself, I sit down, and turn on the radio, I hear some lousy local radio station playing some shit hip-hop. I feel the beat, and I start to begin to free style. At this point I begin my free style, and the DJ tells me “to shut the fuck up”. I say outloud to him, “just play the music little monkey man” He starts talking on the radio, and begins to threaten me. It’s almost like the Warriors, when they are accused of killing the “can you dig it guy”, and that lipsticked woman, keeps giving clues to where the Warriors live, and how to find them, and to take care of them. So the DJ says he is going to find me, or other people will hunt me down, like a goddamn witch hunt. So like my head tends to do, like a nervous tick, in my head, I start yelling my street address, and where to find me. All of a sudden, I am back to where I was when that girl caught a thought broadcast. She and everyone of my friends ditches me leaving only, a bullet proof vest, and my bag. And I say “hey can I atleast get a ride?” I begin to walk, and I see, a friend of mine, and another girl, with a tennis racket and a headband on. And they are out for blood. So, my friends start chasing me to this like hotel pool area, and we begin fighting. This one mercenary guy comes after me, someone who is after me, and I begin to do all this weird martial arts stuff on him. I nearly drown him in the water, and break his hand. He asks “wow, what is that move, that really hurts” and I say “I don’t know, I just know how to do it.” We both contemplate on how awesome these moves are for a second then after I break his hand… I am back at my little place.
My place is a room that reoccurs in my dreams, it looks like an office, with a pool table. Everything is wood, there is that cold feeling when I get in this room. Anyway, I walk into the room, and put the TV on, and there is a town meeting on. Or more like a live news address. I start talking to the TV. Everyone flips out. All of a sudden, everyone starts panicking screaming “he’s back, he’s back”. And I say out loud to the TV, something to the effect of “what the f? chill out”, or something to this one guy who points in the air like he is seeing Godzilla. In my dreams I am amazed at how idiotic all these people are. All of a sudden, this ridiculous dooms day bell starts ringing, syncopated like on the news. Anyway this bell is ringing, and its on every local news channel, and people start selling anything I have ever owned, or burning it i like it is cursed.
And all because I took a toke. I had a few tokes. and all of a sudden, people are afraid of me, DJ’s are after me, sending mercenaries after me that I fight off with sweet incredible kung fu skills, people are afraid of me and the dooms day bell starts ringing. So basically my brain is telling me if I smoke ever again, I will bring about a doomsday like scenario, where I do have sweet free styles, and sweet moves, yet also bring about the destruction of the planet, according to the home shopping network and channel 5.

that ladies and gentleman is why I don’t smoke weed. I woke up exactly at 5:20 and had to laugh. I guess, it is because I am over everything 4:20…and if you don’t understand this dream, and it sounds a little crazy, remember I dreamed it, and tried to recall everything as best as I could so (middle finger in the air) I am going back to bed.

However in real life, an update about me, I am healthier and more sound then I have ever been…My dreams are just a little effed up.

Just another Jagged Thought by Jason.