“We are not your typical literary magazine. And if you found us, there is nothing typical about you either.”

-oddball magazine

We enjoy poetry that is rhythmic, deep, stylish, emotional, clever, and thought provoking. Spoken word, slam poetry, as well as written poetry in all its forms. We enjoy all art, gravitating towards anything spray-painted on a wall or that could be. 

 Submitting to us is easy. Send us three original pieces in a single doc. or pdf. file.  Please include a brief bio as well.  Please note that we do not accept simultaneous submissions. Also, if you have music videos or spoken word performances send them to us as well under the 3TV heading in Submittable.

We publish daily and encourage timely submissions regarding breaking news, events, or holidays. 

Any questions regarding our submissions policy or if you would like to contact Oddball Staffers please email

Thanks again for reading!




  1. Hello,
    I think you are doing something wonderful here. I have noticed that many little literary gems seem to dismiss humorous writing as inconsequential and I would like to submit somewhere. Do you accept funny writing? I only laugh at myself and don’t find the need to curse or put down others. If you don’t that’s okay too. I’ll send something serious for consideration and continue reading no matter what.



  2. Hi There, my name is Lesley Sher. I have been suffering from bipolar ilness for twenty years. I would to know if you are accepting poetry regarding this ilness.

  3. What are your word limits? Doyou accept horror and dark surrealist fiction?

  4. No rush or anything, but I submitted a few poems back in August and I was just wondering if you had had a look? If you chose not to go with them that’s fine, just curious!

  5. We try to respond in 2 months time, because we’re a small undermanned volunteer operation. We are slightly behind but hope to catch up this coming week to those who submitted in May and June.

  6. Submitted three poems on December 16, 2016. Submittable marks them as “Received.” That’s quite some time ago, Are they still being considered?

    Neil Ellman
    ellmans (at) comcast (dot) net

  7. “We enjoy poetry that is visceral, rhythmic, deep, stylish, emotional, clever, and thought provoking. If you want to get a feel for what we like then read our columnists, and the poets that we have published. Don’t just submit without reading the magazine first.

    AS OF 8/9/17, ODDBALL MAGAZINE NO LONGER ACCEPTS SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS. We do not accept previously published work.

    When submitting send us three original pieces in a single doc. or pdf. file. Please include a 2-4 sentence bio, telling us something about you. We also accept performance pieces and music videos for our special 3TV section. Please send along the lyrics or poem along with any video you send. Because we publish daily we do encourage timely submissions regarding breaking news, events, or holidays.

    Any questions regarding our submissions policy or to send us 3TV submissions please email us at

    Thanks again for reading Oddball Magazine!”

    As a poet trying to get published , why should I ” tie up my poems ” waiting on your reply
    You have been kind enough to publish one of my poems last year but now I hesitate to submit with your new policy
    Richard L Ratliff

  9. We have had too many instances of people submitting simultaneously then not giving us notice when the piece was accepted elsewhere. That’s why we asked for Submittable submissions only, and it still happened. We invest a lot of time choosing work, working with artists to see which pieces have the best fit, even determining the date of publication. We do accept previously published works (particularly if they are timely and relevant), but if we have a piece we believe is previously unpublished, we work even harder to give its first appearance the proper due. When that effort is overlooked and disregarded too often, honest mistakes or no, then changes have to be made. We have had issues regarding turnover, and we are working to rectify these issues. Trust us in these actions as we trust poets to understand our position.

  10. I think I have finally found the site I didn’t know I was looking for! A cousin of mine was recently published on here with a really heart wrenching poem, and after reading it i was quite impressed with her and your site. I have been writing for the last 10 years and have many poems and odes that would fit right in .Looking forward to reading you mag daily now, and maybe getting something on here. Keep it up! Definitely on the right track
    L.Ray Appleton

  11. My name is Jacques Fleury. I am a poet, author and educator in the culturally diversed city of Cambridge, Massachussetts,, home of MIT and Harvard U, the home of Oddball Magazine.

    I just wanted to point out that I know the publishers of Oddball Magazine personally for many years, particulary Chad P. having been part of the poetry seen in Cambridge. These are a dedicated, ecclectic, open minded, inspiring, dedicated, diligent, talented but humble group of poets; they wear their hearts on their sleeves.

    They have been a formidable catalyst in helping to lunch my poetic wings so that I could soar and to them I will forever be greatful.

    Since having been part of their poetic millieu, I have published a book of poems, a book of short stories and have been included in two anthologies, one of poetry and one of essays on social disparity and even had my poetry book featured in The Boston Globe!

    I strongly recommend the Oddball poetry family. You are most definitely in good hands!

  12. wanna ask if you accept poems from and about the African diaspora?

    with words thought provoking on culture?

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