“W=e a=re n=ot y=our t=ypical l=iterary m=agazine.

if you found us, there is nothing typical about you either.”


we enjoy work with rhythm, (deep, stylish, emotional, clever, and thought-provoking)
at oddball you will find underground spoken word, slam, haiku, tanka, sestinas, villanelles, classic, academic, experimental, comics, political, graffiti, music, personal essays, recovery stories, reviews,  photography, sculpture, mental health advocacy, ranging from striking political, environmentally socially conscious, LGBTQIA+ performers, artists, poets, columns, columnists, cartoonists, musicians, and inclusive for all, oddball shows to abstract verse, disabled, deaf. neurodivergent, neurotypical. we strive for inclusivity.

(if it’s art to you, it most likely is art to us)

send work to us via our submittable page.   please include a three-five sentence bio as well.  please note that all accepted submissions are open to, or might be used in all of our oddball foundation media.  for that reason, please provide your social media handles.
we do not accept simultaneous submissions. oddball is a classy magazine and we want only exclusive work from you.  if you have music videos or spoken word performances send them to us as a 3TV submission.
oddball is always looking for timely submissions. as a result, response times for non-themed/non-timely work may be more than our standard 1-2 months. we are doing our best to hasten our selection process. 
we publish daily and encourage timely submissions regarding breaking news, events, or holidays. If you have any ideas for columns, or ways to improve our content hit us up.




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If it’s art to you, it most likely is art to us! You can view our submission guidelines here and send work to us via our page on Submittable.com:

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