Submission Guidelines

We are not your normal poetry magazine. We want to make poetry universal

for all people.

We enjoy poetry that is visceral, rhythmic, deep, stylish, emotional, clever, and thought provoking.  If you want to get a feel for what we like then read our columnists, and the poets that we have published.  Don’t just submit without reading the magazine first.

AS OF 8/9/17, ODDBALL MAGAZINE NO LONGER ACCEPTS SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS. We do not accept previously published work.

  When submitting send us three original pieces in a single doc. or pdf. file.  Please include a 2-4 sentence bio, telling us something about you. We also accept performance pieces and music videos for our special 3TV section.  Please send along the lyrics or poem along with any video you send.  Because we publish daily we do encourage timely submissions regarding breaking news, events, or holidays. 

Any questions regarding our submissions policy or to send us 3TV submissions please email us at

Thanks again for reading Oddball Magazine!