Chapter 8

As Sense stared at the flowers in the crystal vase, he tried to turn on his T.V but realized it was broken. Then a funny thing happened, the T.V turned on by itself. It was distorted but it was something unusual. The screen flashed black and white, and there appeared something odd. It showed what looked like a carousel of bright black and white horses, gleaming in the static. Sense watched as they twirled around, and then that song came on. It was Bobby Darin, It was Somewhere Beyond the Sea. It was happening again. What was this nightmare that Sense was seeing over and over again. The picture grew even more distorted and he began to hear laughter like the laughter on the other end of the phone. It sounded happy, like two lovers and there were the sounds of sea gulls. Sea gulls, and love, and carousels. This happiness was only short lived until, the screen went black and the laughter turned to screams.
Sense turned the T.V off. He was shaken, but he maintained his composure, as he unplugged the T.V, put on his hat, cause it was cold, and walked outside. He sat on his steps outside of his apartment, his head swimming; it was 5:15. He sat down on his steps, and took out a cigarette. He lit the cigarette, inhaled, and the smoke billowed into the air. And for a second Sense felt alright. He zipped up his hooded jacket. and his hands didn’t feel so numb as he put his hands in his pockets. Sense sat there a minute trying to think what actually was happening. So many thoughts running through his head, the phone calls, the love letters, the crystal vase. Who had been in his apartment?
Then he remembered something he hadn’t thought about in a long time. It might have seemed like Clara’s first conversation with Sense could have been his last with her, but there rough start actually became something more with a brisk apology from Clara. But it didn’t happen over night.

Chapter 9

A couple days after Sense’s first account with Clara, he found himself back in the library. He was reading the last page of Great Expectations.
“Eh”he said as he read the last page.
He was interrupted again…by Clara.
“Hey I was a total bitch the other day.”
“Yeah. What?”
“Yeah, That’s my apology.”
“Cool you can keep your apology,”
Sense walked away, as Sense was walking away, Clara grabbed his arm, and dragged him close to her. She gave him an intense kiss, and said “Hey, do you except it or not?”
Sense immediately accepted her apology. And that was that, that was the beginning of what was a tumultuous and ultimately heartbreaking relationship.