Mission Statement

The Oddball Foundation Inc, is comprised of members of Oddball Magazine, a magazine established in 1995 By Jason Wright, that prides itself on its dedication to social change, using art and the written word to fight for social justice, foster an artistic community of all people and to promote community growth. 

The Oddball Foundation, Inc. was founded in 2020 to strengthen Oddball Magazine’s mission to give back to the community, promote diversity and inclusion, of all and to advocate for those who identify with mental health issues. The board is composed of a community of artists, mental health and social justice advocates. 

Our goal is to promote and produce a vastly diverse and fine literature magazine, host community events, writing workshops, and fundraisers dedicated to bringing the literary and advocacy communities together, to spread awareness and join the fight to end mental health stigma, fight for social justice and to address environmental issues.

Oddball Magazine was built to embrace which makes us odd and for all communities of voices, to speak louder together and celebrate the unique voice of the artist, the advocate, and those who strive to be different.

The Oddball Foundation, Inc. was built to strengthen and carry out this mission.

All the while striving to be the best and most badass literary magazine in the world.

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