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Oddball Foundation, founded in 2020 during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, is dedicated to social change on the individual, interpersonal, and international levels using art and the written word to promote mental health education, fight for social justice, and cultivate an inclusive artistic community.

Oddball Foundation strives to educate our communities, empower the systematically silenced, entertain the masses, and express the voices and ideas of the artist and advocate. 

Our goal is to promote and produce an extraordinarily unique literature magazine, a provocative and inspiring podcast, host inclusive and engaging writing workshops, and philanthropy events with a spirit of altruism dedicated to bringing the literary and advocacy communities together. 

Oddball Foundation was built to embrace that which makes us odd and for all communities of voices, to speak louder together and celebrate the unique voice of the artist, the advocate, and those who strive to be different.

In achieving our mission, we will build a local, social, and global community that understands mental health not as a brain illness but as something that is directly related to our environment, culture, and traumas we have experienced within our lifetimes and throughout history. Oddball Foundation continues to educate and empower individuals and communities to positively impact the mental health system and share their stories through art, the written word, and community collaboration. Thus affecting change by rewriting the worldview on “mental illness” one story at a time. 

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