Well, life is pretty sweet. Sort of. I got a brand new TV, me and Lisa are getting along great, and i have a sweet phone. Today I worked, and it wasn’t bad. Got home, and have been watching T.V ever since. Right now I am watching Always Sunny In Philadelphia….and here is the question….is this show over rated?

Always Sunny funnier then Arrested Development?

Alright the first season was hilarious. People slowly started watching The gang every Thursday on FX. Season one and two are great. The first episode, “The Gang Gets Racist”, sets the bar for more controversial and hilarious episodes. The next episode of season one is titled “Charlie wants an Abortion”, and the one I am watching right now, is titled “Underage drinking: a National Concern.” Basically each episode takes something that is controversial and with great one liners, funny characters and hilarious plot lines makes the show pretty sweet. That is only the beginning of Season One. Always Sunny is now on its fourth season, and is more popular then ever. But is it losing ground? Is it really as funny as people say? I will admit that so far the show is pretty sweet, but does it have staying power?

why was this show cancelled?

And what about shows like Arrested Development? It survived for three seasons on fox, and was canceled, while shows like Family Guy stay on the air. Arrested Development might be one of the greatest shows ever written. I imagine the reason that it was canceled was because it follows a story line from episode to episode. Not alot of comedies do that. Always Sunny does that, but it is so subtle that it doesn’t effect the show. Having said that, the fact that Arrested Development was filmed like a series and not a sitcom, and it became difficult to follow. It also started switching time spots, and allowed Family Guy to take over. So it was kind of inevitable that it would be canceled.

Though cancelled, it still remains one of the funniest shows ever written. Arrested Development lasted three seasons, and the buzz is that they will make a movie. Always Sunny is now on FX, and with Four Seasons already, how long can it last? Also the new show the League shows promise to be even funnier then what already is a comedy juggernaut that is Always Sunny.

So with shows like Family Guy losing ground, and shows like Arrested Development off the air, and shows like the League having a strong first season, what does the future hold for Always Sunny??

Alright i have to go back to watching Charlie has Cancer.

Just another jagged thought by Jason