3TV Presents: Lissa Piercy

2020-03-03T22:07:29-05:00October 20th, 2014|3TV, Columnists, Live Poetry|

    Burning Barefoot   my feet burned on cold sidewalks without shoes  no armor, no words prepared   just this heartbeat that kept running after you  just this tear I kept trying to wipe away  just this affection.  open armed, chest exposed, faltering   that deer that stumbles on its first steps  cute   you called me.  but I wished to be ugly  wished you could love the insides, the imperfect   wished that in your drunkenness you called me more than beautiful   you kept saying I was beautiful  but there was broken, too  And I wanted to be strong   and protective   and steel­hearted  wanted to be your champion  make you go crazy with conversation the way that She did  But I know I’m not it   wet behind the ears and wobbly, new   uncertain of me  but so sure of my love for you   I wanted to run but I was still learning to walk so I stumbled  and you caught me  [...]

3TV Presents: Louie Clay

2020-03-03T22:12:46-05:00August 11th, 2014|3TV, Columnists, Live Poetry|

                                            Closet Mantra                                         If I                                              If I could                                    just get                                              just                                         just                                              get all                               all those balls                                              balls and arms                                arms and legs                                              legs and crotch perfumes [...]

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