My most random camouflage thoughts

Look there, there a full moon hanging above a lousy blow job
And your moans go unnoticed like boring movie scenes
Kamasutra your name you say? Well I just assumed you were not that at all
I see you more spilled cold coffee looking on enviously at tea leaves holding a
Straight sex conversation in a purple rain tee pee
Somewhere beneath a bed of stars and a sliver skyline falling in free form with a tribe
Of features floating down no matter the weather, but to where?
Who knows? But I did notice my mind take the scenic route
So I take chances flip a coin ass up heads down
I beat the odds and win, but what?
Who know? But moving on right pass the earth’s after birth
And on to the next one, on to the next one
On to the blue print to why freedom never rings it just sings
In a monotone sex position of undressed flesh
And out of the reach of our dumb found imagination
And our hearts that are broke like a lack of money and barely beating
And our breath that is filled with smoke and barely breathing
Like chronic asthma in a bent over backwards dream taking it up the, who know?
But I Do like wearing lip stick and catching sexual needs off guard
As masturbation take a life of it’s on, do it with or without me
I use to being screwed I grew up in a broken home, America where u at?
With your newly hidden slavery same thing just different cotton
They assign jobs to us our children to the state we live to work not work to live
We do the same thing, but make different mistakes
And two days is not enough to recover from five, this shit a disgrace
Oh beautiful for spacious sky, where at, who knows?
What I am trying to tell you is heaven has basic desires and a low self esteem
Just ask Jesus no ask him can he swim on land since he can walk on the sea
And what I said got some of you bothered feeling some kind of way
But what would Jesus say if he was here? Forgive her father she knows not what she say
Maybe Jesus is wrong I know exactly what I do, I am a pusher to this poem
I will make it snort a cocaine line that exactly what I would do
Burn pictures on the conscious mind fire’s awake now making something better out of it self
Like a group of words no one never thought about grouping together know really I don’t know
When too much is too much so I am liable to say things like does God like his face? Then why
doesn’t he show it
Would we judge him bully him if we saw it? Holy bloody baby feet batman I can’t trust the alphabet or vegetables
This unsustainable way of living and that the government did not take part in those special fireworks done on
9/11 body parts everywhere and since some time has passed I want to know does anyone care?
But who am I but a beast in smallness with a mean left hook and have the things the world believe in
Really got me shook, I cannot walk around with the believes and definitions that are not mine
My believes don’t weight anything so I am not weighed down mentally or emotionally
I listen to the language of the earth because all the other languages are brittle
Nature all about cooperation, taking the good with the bad, and that fine but you know what is not fine?
It is how religion aggravates I know you believe in God but does he believe in you?
No because if he did he wouldn’t test you and still you are unable to see the acceptance you seek
should really come from you
The illuminati taught me that, but you know what is really truly interesting?
It is how Hall and Oats is white and of course angel porn
And gain I need to be careful what I say because I will have folks looking at me in the wrong way
Wishing I would die and burn in heaven, well luckily for them I stay suicidal and I thought up about eleven
Ways I can end it tonight in death my mind would be gone and that’s alright
I will still create frighten poems I will make my ghost write
But as we all know dying is not an option and as we can see no fear just caution
And I stay humble all day every day, because I was told having too much pride
That is for those who are gay, and happy I am not, I want to see the government put to a stop
A world with no freaking cops, the elite on the bottom and the less fortunate on top
And my most random camouflaged thoughts open up the eyes of the senile so that they can see now
What they could not


Crystal Beck, also known as Navah the Buddaphliii is a poet/spoken word performing artist. She is a native of the South End of Boston and a single mother of three. Two boys and a girl ages are 17, 10, 3. Navah knows the challenges of trying to work her full time job as a medical billing specialist, raising a family and finding time for her art. She release her first CD entitle Far From Your Reality in 2000 and was featured in True Magazine describing her as “soulfully creative” Navah’s poetic and very conscious other world lyrics makes her one of the most authentic local artists on the scene. She is a creative thinker and inspired by the universe of imagination. Her creative goal is to create abstract thoughts and visual images with words on the canvas of the human mind as a painter would do with paint on a blank canvas. She will continue to prevail as a mother grow as an artist and stay true to her gift.