Lilly Pond

Among the wild arnica
among juniper and showy goldenrod
among the yellowing beauty
of admixture from the Red
we have Magenta
and a splattered set of leaves

the umbrella of trees
they await the urge
and command of a near and new
common in the destiny of their nakedness
they form the vigilante rim
still up near the bouldered pathway
men enter
not as strangers, neither kin
yet the night air takes them together
and howls all night
I’m not their witness
as I search for wood
I am the builder of fires


Deta Galloway is a self-described “Multimedia Artist, whose other pursuits include, painting, music, storytelling, professional dance, photography and ceramics. She was originally born in the Jamaica West Indies who emigrated to the United States at the age of 18. A professional nurse, she currently divides her time between Massachusetts and Georgia.