3TV Presents: Music by Nicholas Werth



New England Summer Rain

“I didn’t close my car door windows.
By the time I get to them, the rain will stop or slow.
The seats will be soaked through it seems I just can’t win.
But I really can’t stay angry, I love the feeling of it on my skin.


Don’t you know that its just water?
It can’t cause you any more pain.
So why don’t we go walking
In New England Summer Rain,
Why don’t we go walking,
in this sudden summer rain.

I’m gonna have to change my clothes after this.
And you will too the rain’s got them tighter than a fist,
And they will stay wet even if you hide under that tree,
and I really would prefer it if you would keep me company.


The rain has ruined it so you let your braid fly free
Looks like a scene from a movie, the kind you’d make me see
I am no romantic but sometimes it just comes through.
And I think I can believe it. At least until the sky turns blue.





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