religion inquisition

how many versions of the bible are there
why do we care
when only 1/5 of the world has universal healthcare
if your slave master wasn’t a christian, would you still be? what if a pacifist hit back?
or what if Buddha was skinny?
life got me feeling some type of way recently
current times are filled with uncertainty
and people clamor to a god like a newborn to a nipple
could it all be so simple
human beings in a mob
what’s a mob to a king
what’s a king to a God
what happens to a bunch a nonbelievers
who believe anything coming from silk robe
but ain’t enough cloth for all of us to be cut from it, right?
is this right or is it fright
fear or life
and if it’s hell on earth
who necks are gonna be first
why are we so scared to die
we look to the sky
to drop to our knees on the ground
but is god like a tree,
so if he falls will anyone hear a sound?
this ain’t to clown
does religion fails us daily when we choose words to apply to others as we shift in our own mess
call upon the glory of a figure with prayers of distress
hard works and faith should be your saving grace
spirit is different than what those choose to believe
this isn’t a new idea to conceive I’m just tired of being deceived
into a system of control
so I don’t wait for a holy hand out
while a tithe plate empties what’s in your wallet
please don’t fight me with scriptures
or I can reply with mental pictures
we watch more suffer because of war
but truth be told there has been more blood shed over religion than any other cause in world history
let’s pray about that.


Matt Parker is still learning and teaching poetry to students in schools & communities, facilitating the audio compilation, “S.O.U.P. (society of urban poetry) Mixtape”, and supporting Peaceful causes in everywhere.