Stillness was so quiet when I spoke fidelity,
but I heard baritone singing of angels deep thoughts of spiritually
will be the most high power manifested in me.

To interpreted who are the 12 tribes of Israeli
America’s seed scatter among hypocrisy
And nations of deceit bring turmoil to brainwash me
Beat me and defeat me but the most high has shield me
From North America’s confusion promising
Beneficial dreams that is just an illusion
Of something fundamental knocking at my door
Telling me it’s Jesus and why don’t answer

No why don’t you wake up to the fact that there
Is no heaven above and no hell below
It’s the image in front of you that’s the likeness to
Behold when the first and the last time
You saw a spirit in the sky and if you
Did you was misleading yourself I believe it was the clouds going by

Holy Mary mother of god they got you believing in miracles they have not seen
Mathematical thoughts planet in your soap, food water, and churches even
Your thoughts when you sleep and you will find yourself looking for answers
But where are all you answers buried with your ancestors


Crystal Beck, also known as Navah the Buddaphliii is a poet/spoken word performing artist. Performed in Boston on September 27 during “Unchained,” an event hosted by Brian Williams as part of the worldwide 100 Thousand Poets for Change celebration. The open mic reading of this poem became an impromptu performance, collaborating with other attendees of the event.