the one Spaceman @ www.JPLimeProductions.comThis week Spaceman brings you inside his last-night writing with some excerpts from his notebook.



O.G. –

I don’t need the O.G. …
If you know me I’m probably floating, already…
Been paying my dues I’ve been vetted…
Ready for that next shit, already…
I’m the best no question, I’m more impressive
Leave a lasting impression, like a vestige Ahh, do it to improve it more got love kid
Skills stay ready for what’s next in store
Ill with it gotta give em more
Flow’s dope, like its fallen snow chill
Super classic, the initial feel
Wheels moving like about 80, feel the wind
Oh, winners do it like this yes we’re living big

Love it-

Mesmerizing right each and every time
I’m planning more than architect my design
More grand than the MGM more bands than a trainer
The game a no brainer
When I’m chilling late at night and the spark hits, dharma
It’s karma now when I write ah, comma
Told my team we could do it and see the top
Finally make it to that place where you make and don’t need a lot
Have my dough stacking up upper level of parking lots
What I’m talking about?
I emcee a ceremony you cronies you talk about it
So convoluted boy, I’m a straight shooter
Hooper in the ninth grade took it to wrestling
Champion in less than six months ain’t gotta front
Rampage man when there is no cage just being blunt
If someone tries me then they get what they’re owed
Got me digging to my depths while I’m trying to be known…


DJ Santa ClauseWith the Holiday Season officially upon us, it’s time to get festive. And is there a better way to kick off the festivities than with some good ol’ fashioned Christmas music? YES! Of course there is! At JP Lime Productions, we love our good ol’ fashioned Christmas caroling, but let’s face it, we do (mostly) everything with a crunchy Hip Hop center ’round these parts. As such, we’ll rephrase our question accordingly.

Is there a better way to kick off the Holiday Season festivities than with some funky fresh CHRISTMAS RAPS!?!?!? Nope! With that in mind, we’ve compiled a by no means exhaustive list of Christmas Hip Hop tracks for you to consider when creating your Holiday Party playlists. Each area of the country has contributed Christmas Raps over the years, thus the regional grouping for the majority of our selections. That said, given our particular love for Old School Hip Hop (see our vast Rap Flashback archives), we’re going to kick things off with a Christmas quartet from the 80s.

Old School 80s

Our 80s selection features fun, couplet heavy lyrics that in true 80s Rap fashion are easy to rap along to. They’re also very much in the spirit of Christmas, with references to food & drink, gift-giving (and wanting), family & friends, and general Holiday cheer acting as common themes throughout the tracks.

Run DMC — “Christmas in Hollis”

Ho Ho Ho lyric (DMC):

It’s Christmas time in Hollis, Queens
Mom’s cooking chicken and collard greens
Rice and stuffing, macaroni and cheese
And Santa putting gifts under Christmas trees

Kurtis Blow — “Christmas Rappin'”

Ho Ho Ho lyric:

We were all in the mood so we had a little food
And a joke, and a smoke, and a little bit of wine
When I thought I heard a hoof on the top of the roof
Could it be or was it me? I was feeling super fine
So I went to your attic where I thought heard the static
On the chance that the prance was somebody breaking in
But the noise on the top was a reindeer clop

Treacherous Three & Doug E. Fresh — “Xmas Rap”

Ho Ho Ho lyric (Kool Moe Dee):

Ho Ho Ho
Open up ya do
I’m Santa Claus and guess what y’all
I got something to show
I came to bring some Christmas Spirit
I got a big bag now guess what’s in it
Something for the rich and something for the po’
So Merry Christmas and ho ho ho

Juice Crew All-Starrs — “Cold Chillin’ Christmas”

Ho Ho Ho lyric (Roxanne Shante):

Now I’ve been a good girl all year round
And this is what I want from the people are down
Now I am mainly speaking’ ’bout my family and friends
I want a BMW, a Jaguar, or a Benz
It really doesn’t matter the expense of the gift
Cause being’ around I’m such a spiritual uplift
To think about all year when we’re illin’
To get together and just be Cold Chillin’

West Coast

Snoop Doggy Dogg ft. Bad An, Daz Dillinger, & Nate Dogg — “Santa Goes Straight To The Ghetto”

Snoop Dogg employs that laid-back, lazy flow we’ve loved since the mid-90s to deliver a very California Christmas jingle.

Ho Ho Ho lyric (Snoop Dogg):

And all I want for Christmas is my 6-4 Chevrolet
And a granddaughter for her grandmother Beverly
Ain’t that something? Nah, ain’t that nothing
How it’s Christmas time and my rhyme’s steady bumpin’
Everybody happy, hair still nappy
Gonna steal a gift for my old grandpappy
Catch me giving out turkeys at the church-house
Don’t try to work me, just stand in the line and everything gon’ be fine
Holla at ya folks, boy, it’s goin’ down
Ain’t no help from no elves, just Tha Dogg Pound

Eazy E — “Merry Muthaphu**in Christmas”

Many of Eazy’s most memorable tracks (see “Gimme That Nut” & “I’d Rather Fu*k You) featured, err, colorful encounters with the ladies, mildly put… As such, it should be no surprise that his Christmas jingle follows suit; a Holiday pimp suit as a matter of fact. Note Eazy’s choice lyrics are melody-rapped to the tune of Jingle Bells.

Ho Ho Ho lyric:

Merry muthafu**in’ Chrismas and a ho ho ho!
While I’m ridin’ that cot under the missle toe
Now dashin’ through the snow
In a candy right top 6-4
Over the hills I go
Laughin’ at this hoe
Nuts on rich and rings
Makin’ me feel right
Oh what fun it is to know
That I’m gonna get this pu$$y tonight

New York

DMX — “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer”

Rapped to the melody of the original, DMX softens his growl-driven voice and add some choice, trademark adlibs to breathe new life into a Christmas classic.

Ho Ho Ho lyric:

Then one foggy Christmas Eve Santa came to say (c’mon!)
Rudolph with your nose so bright
Won’t you ride my sleigh tonight?
Then all the reindeer loved him
As they shouted out with glee
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
You’ll go down in history forever
You’ll go down in history forever
You’ll go down in history (WHAT!!!)


Sur5ILL_Exception-frontOver the past year we’ve featured an up and coming artist from Boston who calls himself Sur5ill. We were drawn to his brand of nerd rap and Work mixtape, and captivated by his ability to blend complex lyricism, clever punch lines, and vivid storytelling all within the framework of a concept record. With his latest mixtape, Exception, Sur5ill brings all of these elements together yet again in an impressive manner. In many ways, Exception conveys the tale of a man maneuvering through life balancing inner-city tendencies with both self- societally-imposed expectations.

From a lyrical standpoint, his bars are carefully crafted throughout. Sur5ill uses strong rhyme patterns and a healthy variance of flows, tones (sometimes on his own, sometimes via vocal effects), and deliveries. Right off the bat, on the first track, appropriately titled, “Exception To The Rule Intro”, Sur5ill transitions from a mid-tempo, sharp couplet based delivery into a double-timed staccato flow to conclude the track. What’s great about the switch-up is that he announces it in the rhyme leading up to such, rapping, “now, I, have some bravado, I rap in stoccato…” He’s not only displaying his skills, he’s telling us what to check for. I can dig it.

Track by track, he gives us a glimpse into many of the internal tug-of-wars he experiences throughout his journey. For example, my favorite moment on the record comes on the hook for a track entitled, “Honor Thy Father”, where Sur5ill discusses the impact and intricacies of his relationship with his father. He simply states, in an almost resigned yet matter-of-fact tone, “I ain’t trying to be social, I’m just trying to be pleasant.” As a stand-alone bar, it’s a relatable sentiment, at least to me. We all have moments where we engage, and maybe even enjoy a little schmoozing; some more than others. But for the most part, much like Sur5ill’s line, I’d rather just keep to self, more often than not. I’m glad you’re well, let’s catch up another time… In the larger context of the track, it evokes a lot more than just relatability. And that’s why I dig this song. It’s deep. Sur5ill is clever, funny, confident, and boastful at various points throughout the mixtape, but taking nothing away from the stellar bar for bar composition of this track, it stands out because it’s powerful. It’s a moment of honest self-reflection, accented by an ethereal sounding beat that feels equal parts banger and trance, but driven by the sheer potency of the lyrics. Here’s and example:

Like father like son’s dumb, it’s a sentiment I run from

Candidly, it’s all a bunch of bullshit and I shunned tons

Yeah, think about it: that’s a lot of dung flung

I drown in fucking rum punch this damage can’t be undone

What’s alarming to me is the farmers believe

That the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree