the one Spaceman @ www.JPLimeProductions.comThis week Spaceman brings you inside his last-night writing with some excerpts from his notebook.



O.G. –

I don’t need the O.G. …
If you know me I’m probably floating, already…
Been paying my dues I’ve been vetted…
Ready for that next shit, already…
I’m the best no question, I’m more impressive
Leave a lasting impression, like a vestige Ahh, do it to improve it more got love kid
Skills stay ready for what’s next in store
Ill with it gotta give em more
Flow’s dope, like its fallen snow chill
Super classic, the initial feel
Wheels moving like about 80, feel the wind
Oh, winners do it like this yes we’re living big

Love it-

Mesmerizing right each and every time
I’m planning more than architect my design
More grand than the MGM more bands than a trainer
The game a no brainer
When I’m chilling late at night and the spark hits, dharma
It’s karma now when I write ah, comma
Told my team we could do it and see the top
Finally make it to that place where you make and don’t need a lot
Have my dough stacking up upper level of parking lots
What I’m talking about?
I emcee a ceremony you cronies you talk about it
So convoluted boy, I’m a straight shooter
Hooper in the ninth grade took it to wrestling
Champion in less than six months ain’t gotta front
Rampage man when there is no cage just being blunt
If someone tries me then they get what they’re owed
Got me digging to my depths while I’m trying to be known…

Explore your mind-

This is two steps and explicit
Rep my city two piece and a biscuit
Pussy come with me when I pull on her whiskers
No more whiskey yet I’m getting busy
Yeti in the open yoga for better kidneys
These bars smoking I’m open for better business
Token in the past now tokens are what they give me
Do it to the ultimate like I’m whipping a Frisbee
World domination ESPN and Disney
Do it to the most pay me or gotta miss me
City with the prettiest lights the grittiest fights
And the prettiest girl it’s probably girls she likes
That’s cool, ain’t tripping over pussy dude
We’re eating food fuck the ridicule
From back in the day, fuck what they’re saying cool, I know
Eventually they come around to the show, right
Back in the day it used to be high fives
And now it’s five bucks in the line outside

Student inspired study thought brought to rap/poetry-

She felt proud that she was Arabic
She wore her hijab and they weren’t having it cause
What they saw then only cause havoc in em
All the lives they lost and it saddened them
So they got mad real quick and started going in
Heart turned to steel for a friend that’s a foe to them
But real wasn’t there only petrified air
And in that terrified scene both sides got scared
Survival’s taking over and your rival’s getting closer
While you’re thoughts are going faster about some things you think you’re s’posed to
They’re sinking in blood pumping like fists too
This is ignorant foolish and still we do it
Lacking facts but aggressive and so brutish