Space solo @ www.JPLimeProductions.comYou see it? Yeah you do… You smell it? Of course you do unless your nose is the rarity that ‘doesn’t work’ or you have allergies … Sorry. Otherwise, your nostrils are teeming with floral scents popping out in the air like fluorescents, firecracker smoke and loud packs. The women are starting to pop out too; spaghetti straps, spandex and skirts make a short walk long for most men this time of year. Ladies, I’m sure you’re getting your fair share of tank top and shirt off moments as well. The smell of smoked meats are in the air, sounds of sizzling goods, cultural vibes and heat. My friends, summer is here. Play grounds, bees and cool folks are buzzing and everyone is bugging. It’s time for block parties, really cold beverages, and going ham.
The question is always the same. This summer am I the grasshopper or the ant? The hot months are a time for relaxation and enjoyment, but definitely a critical time for folks who still have plans they would like to initiate and/or continue. And the breeze that flies across your face as you walk across the parking lot letting the day go… savior like, winning. Summer’s here. It’s hot as a cramped third floor apartment with stuck windows, but life is beautiful. To all my summer dissenters right now, go buy a spray fan and probably a spray tan or wear less clothes and let that fan rock!! I could say I side with you but I don’t. Aside from leather seats grilling leg meat like chicken on a Foreman, grab you’re favorite drink and chill haha.
I’m kinda amped, I’ll put that out there. The sun makes me happy and I love nothing more than wonderfully beautiful spirits that enjoy awesome warm to hot weather. If the cold kills, then the heat thrills and I’m all about it. Bicycles, festivals, frisbee, jet skis, beautiful smiles in the sun, yes, I will go on. Magic is in the air, the flowers are blooming, latent desires shaking off their winter layers, summer’s splendor is here. If you have things to do that do not involve hiking, hula hoops, ice cream, movies or barbecue, then you’re still cool, just do it later. Productivity usually wanes in the summer I would say but, if you use your fun as motivation to get things done, you could have a kick ass summer! Lists tend to lend a little help to lost drifters. Languid days usually crave kisses libido and lemonade. There are so many hours in the day, make sure that you work and you play. It is summer but it isn’t over. Get it done then have fun!

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