Spaceman @ www.JPLimeProductions.comThis is the second time this morning, I’ve taken time to try and slow my brain down. Yes, all that meant write. Sometimes it’s just how you get it out I imagine, or rather just that you did. The more I think about art, life, and writing, it totally seems best to fuck up, expletive intended, and make mistakes. The mistake part is usually where you really learn, I feel, and everything else is one big ass cram test for bullshit. I know that it’s not all right what I said but some parts have merit. My last intro had a beautiful description about winter’s arrival and the hardest departure from the warmest set of sheets ever. Snow is descending from the sky ever so slowly right now…

I don’t much like the snow globe vibe. It’s not horrible, it’s just too Rockwell Americana for me and we all know it’s gonna get shat on, sooo… clean it up and grind people no time to stare at frozen water. People don’t stare at ice cubes. Maybe they do. I’m staring at the lower half of a mannequin as I write this to the interworld. The plan is to make a lamp and keep going and it should turn out dope. In the meantime I’ve having mad fun just scaring people who walk into my house and aren’t ready for the half body nakedness. It has been quite hilarious to watch the jumps from people and maybe I should go take pictures with it instead??

Hopefully you folks have enjoyed the takes on life and the stories. We’re just trying to find the groove over here at and really appreciate you for tagging along. The music is always going to be a passion for us, this is just an amazing time in life and with the changing business model of music, streaming television, and everyone connected, we’re just trying to find the best avenue to keep you informed, entertained, and coming back! In the next couple of months I will be taking on more writing and video assignments and continuing to post more content. The past couple of months have been hectic with school holidays tests and training, but that is and will always be life, so be prepared and stay rested. I have to give a tremendous shout out to my team for working so diligently amidst what seems like constantly fluctuating circumstances. It seems like things get craziest when you least need them too, but I promise you can handle it. The best word of the day is prioritize. If we can all manage to prioritize our lives and schedules a little better, then most things will remove the guesswork themselves.

My mobile office and foundation is nearly complete. I’m feeling like a 2016 Bluetooth enhanced Batman, capable of any project large or small, just give me my team. I got my pen, I got my camera, printer, phone, notebook and my awesome brain. Bout to be back to Home Depot, I’m stealing tag lines again, let’s do this!! No apologies in advance and don’t say it if you don’t mean it, truly. I do want to make you think. I do want to make a difference. I do want to help us. I want to help you. I just wanna do something again. But I wanna do something great. I desperately hope in my marrow that you feel this way one day. I know you have it in you. I can feel it. Just believe. Please believe. And continue to believe that you are extraordinary.


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