Space @ www.JPLimeProductions.comHad this pain in my brain but fuck it it just won’t let up
And these thoughts coming faster than blasters from these berettas
From these crooked ass cops who hate us and wanna jail us
Either that ether rap they hear it and wanna kill us
Either that or they passing illegal laws on our buildings
Government meant to govern but killing women and children
Then instead of cleaning stuff up they cover up all their dealings
While they try to use religion to foster love when they kill it
Then they tie up em all my mans for contraband that they dealing
Know he’s trying to feed the fam from setbacks they had to deal with it
Even though they in Iran mass mining exploiting trillions
Even though they in sedans in mass exploiting billions
Where I live in a harbor state, why I harbor these feelings
And my mind’s getting sharper the bullshit I keep on piercing through
I shoot it true like your boy Pierce I call the Truth
Line em up and toss em they useless, that’s Dylann off a Roof

My heart getting colder now blood pressure through the roof
Tired of this racist show repeated want some different news
Tired how these sycophants lying still they get to choose
Only want the pure stuff rated with the best reviews
Views from a different bracket pardon I ain’t talking madness
Though I say I wanna black march on the fucking Senate
No repenting even send em parchments with our own agenda
Now we talking as a whole then they know we’re winning
Spare change round here no change, I spare vision
Try to tell em stand tall all they see is razed buildings
Graffiti on the walls trash hard to raise children
Say it taught me how to draw dodge foes and loose women
Till they gentrify and zone it my public I hope you listen
While I practice on this gift keep honing what I’ve been given
Ears open for those moments when life is all in a sentence
How we all work together and still we born to be different

Complex no magazine but what I’ve seen
Can put a soldier on his last leg doctor to fiend
they swear they love us but their actions deny what they speak
I only want to save the “bad” ones that’s why I teach
I’m simply trying make a path for em out of concrete,
Take a breath and use tact on em fuck a retreat
Don’t need a treat muhfucker got my own Halloween
Scene’s changing nowadays and I like what I see
The power’s changing in the top ranks and that’s what we need
Things are strange then they’re tougher but its just how it be
Then them tougher things are easy and you live on that street
I got that cul De sac rap flow I come how I leave
Ain’t nothing crazy but these patterns that I paint into speech
Bold colors Mr. Williams Sherwin when I speak
Tell my accountant keep it balanced trying cop me a beach
Then the developers some hotels and rent me some suites
Only negotiating wholesale we’re getting it cheap
And the vision working long range longevity
Swear I’m sacrificing everything it’s all I can see
But you can bear it you can do it keep grinding we all Free

I did it for my people they love me they coming with me
Did it big B.I.G like Diddy I run my city
Little nappy haired spittah they dissed me I never listened
Now I’m popping off same way I did it in all my visions
Had to do em like em riddick and chronicle all my business
For them hating ass people I made it did more than wishing
Taught myself how to get it from hunting fire and fishing
If its all about some dollars don’t wire I’m on a mission
Lotta ire in my soul but I channel focus and lift em
Buy an island is my goal and you know I plan it I get it
Wanna talk about something then do it discuss results
Keep the profit margins popping the budget on up and up
I’ll just talk and keep it popping my publishing racking up
Usually I keep it calm but they love it I’m acting up
On my hellraiser PAC and the public can’t get enough
Got my number two working like public enemy one

I do this everywhere boy rap coca cola
Pepsi in the taste test still you gonna vote for it
Water in its purest form drink it up it’s good for you
Hold it down like I do course they gone look up to you
Model after me and you’ll make a couple bucks or two
Stop that hand to hand shit they sitting in them vans dude
Dude in them vans probably plotting on your man
And your whole crew thinking what the fuck he was cool
How they do Donnie Brasco putting Lefty in a pinch
It’s nothing gotta off em they’re expensive when they flip
Professional Jean Reno when I’m reloading from the hip
These packages got em off the top get em while they’re quick
I’m flipping these words pancakes breakfast on a dish
They love em they eat em up done see em lick their lips
They’re leaving and they ain’t left one know that you the shit
I’m pushing fighting and writing man for everything I get
Remember them darker days when them wheels wouldn’t spin
And what in the fuck you do then put that shit on ten
Self motivated the only way that you gone win
When haters surround you all the time cuz you go in
These words I’m spitting my sword and shield who wants this?
Your marketing promo package dope content is shit
I told myself I would do it for the love and the wit
So I started to pick it up cause the delivery slipped ..