It’s hot in this jacket.

Tried time trials
Ran the miracle mile
Turned the corner
Showed my smile
Changed my style
Ran around loose like a spring unwound
Like a dog in a pound
I am caged
Lost and found myself
Like a liar
Ran around with pants on fire
Put em out like cigarettes
And down like stray dogs
Rolled down the street
Like logs in a swamp
driving up the street drunk
With my headlights off
Drank too much cough syrup and Smirnoff
Lights out like a prize fighter
So quick I was to judge
You and your buzzing around me
Like A buzz cut or a honey bee
I cut you down like a bad hack from a lumber jack and down went the evergreen
Like how I like to live
went through a metamorphosis like Kafka did,
Like when I was a kid and heard thunder rolling till I realized one day it was the changing weather patterns and not Angels bowling
But this is living I guess, like the Levi’s or corduroys or khakis I was wearing when I lied to you and my pants went up and smoke
like that house down the street

That hour I watched as the chinese restaurant burned down next to the laundromat

We have a pretty good laundromat
But I miss that Chinese food.