Back to thinking irrational
Passion like an animal
Lost in the wild
Testing my stamina
Running on empty
No film in the camera
I’m Rambo
With no ammo
Sitting in a field in Alabama
With blue cammo
Here comes the next stanza
Solo cup in my hand watching the band
Watching time expand as I
Listen to the sound of the rails in the tracks grinding to a halt
I jump out
Start walking about
Start walking south east
So I can fly southwest
Find a better place then this
Sometimes it’s good to be a stranger
In some unknown place
That’s where you find your self
Stop standing in the same space
In the basement
Sometimes I get nerdy on my delivery
That’s cool with me
Yeah this might be published
Damn right, on my sight
You think you want in
Be my guest
Let your problems out one by one you can handle the rest
Just fun with words
Ain’t no scamming
Writing this poem on the way to Granite
Almost there
Gonna be close
7:52 I’ll make sense of this poem

One day you’ll understand me.