In the times when I was born,
Lived a man who sailed the sea,
And he told us of his life,
In a Yellow Submarine.

To the 46th POTUS Joe Biden:

Dear Sir,

You have been given a great task.
A huge weight has been placed on your shoulders.
A pandemic, a land divided, an economic disaster,
a world in need of preservation, and conserving,
a toxic world that is worsening.
An ozone layer that is cracked and blistered
and cops (and civilians) with trigger fingers.
An insurrection, a coup, an old administration
that is pointing the finger at you.
Talking heads, misinformation
about everything, including vaccinations.
Conspiracy theorists, and people who want to see you fail.
People who want to see you crash and burn.
They want failure tied to your name.

Don’t let them.

Instead, know that there are people who believe in you,
who danced in the streets when we elected you,
who believe that you will save us from COVID,
and heal our bleeding, as a nation, sweating out some kind of fever.
People who believe in your message, who want to move on
from the old president,
who want to conserve the land, that surrounds us,
who want to move forward and not stay grounded,
who want to lift up with you to a brighter future,
who want to sing songs, make music,
who want to help a brother, help a brother,
who respect their sisters, fathers, and mothers.
There are first responders saving lives,
husbands who would do anything for their wives,
people who just want no more strife,
who want to feel a little more alive.

People who want to cut the earths plastics in half.
People who want to sing, dance and laugh.
People who don’t care the color of anyone’s skin.
People who believe in what you are doing,
People who want to heal from the last president.
Those are the people you should listen to.

Heed this message
that I and many Americans are behind you.
We want to heal the world, just like you do.
We are waiting for the blisters on our feet to heal
so we can keep walking on.

We just want to keep walking on.
We just want to heal.

Good Luck Mr. President,

Jason Wright


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His latest book is Train of Thought.