Things are looking good, in a world I misunderstood
things can get rough, but in the end it’s BUENO,
awesome on the mind, like a trained rhinoceros
my mind bends like a bullet in the city of Metropolis.
A rhyme, with rhinoceros, things are looking up
need to stand up on the stage and get the front page
or fall like the others who played this game we play.
I want to go to the moon, in this hell we live in
we gotta go soon. Because whats with the stars
we see in the night, a wounded mind can stand up, enlight
I never been the best at anything in my life
but a bastard son, like this one, should learn how to fight
Fight for the science of control that sticks to my soul
See I thought that a manic episode I had once, was from staying up too late, and not eating lunch. But the mania I had, it was something to watch, as I passed out for a minute and woke up in the dark. Thats a manic episode, when things think too fast, see I don’t think fast
I just write fast, I sleep nine hours a day, and I am getting fat, yeah I let the THC take over in my head, but it’s all good man, because I can still
hold my head, up high, and stare at the sky, and wonder those stars, why do they shine? And the sun, I know you’re a star, but why you have to be lighting up ants in my yard? And the ocean is being fucked up, and that shit pisses me off. I mean what is with offshore drilling, and oil spilling and people thinking they can kill a living organism, make the most beautiful thing in our life die. I mean that’s fucked up. Oil spills and toxic air, and people throwing their shit over here or there, or whatever, but man, ruining the ocean will be our undoing forever. It’s such a beautiful and mysterious peace, i bet the cure for cancer is in the reef. I know I am a scientist, just thinking with my mind, about why the fuck we got so far, and why we lost our minds. Not mine, I mean I’ve lost mine, but remember listening to Bad Fish, and smoking up in summertime, cook outs, and garage parties, listening to Sublime, watching the surf go, and wonder when I could ride. Man, I want to surf the waters, cause that shit would be kick ass. I want to skate again,cause I used to be really good at it. I want to rock these streets, till they know my name, senseone, sane and science back in the game.

I want these streets, peeps and people know I got something to say. I know I gotta let them know I’m doing shit my way. Cause my mind is a mountain, and I’m gonna climb it, and when I get up there to the heights of this headache. I am gonna write till I die or until a meteor or an earthquake, And even if some shit like that did exist, I will keep climbing cause intellect gains respect, and my mind, will never stop learning, I gotta keep the fire burning. Gotta go to sleep, but still got shit to prove, maybe sleep will show me something new ,and maybe one day I’ll share it with you.

soul release- free prose

another jagged thought by Jason