Yes, thats what I am going to talk about today. Bright Eyes. Why has Bright Eyes gotten such a bad rap with indie rockers. I ask anyone and they always say “I hate that guy, his voice is horrible.” or write it off as “emo-fag-shit” as someone said to me once. Actually it was my best friend Tuck. Now that I recall that. Anway still completely ridiculous. If anyone believes that they need to take a look into theirselfs and think, wow. Why would i say that? Where does ignorance come from? No man! Conner Oberst’s music is amazing. His poetry rivals Leonard Cohen. (second thought that is up for debate, and I am debating it as I read this over again.)

Alright, I remember when I first met my friend Andrew Borne. Andrew is a great friend but I am afraid we have lost touch over the years. We use to play music together, get drunk, and puke. Or walk to the Hollywood Express in Salem, and get a rad movie like Dogs of War or Killer Klowns from Outerspace. Or attend movies at my old movie theater. I saw the first screening with all that crew, and we would all bring copious amounts of PBR and watch movies. One day, we watched a B Film. The manager his name was Adam, and we used to drink and watch Something Weird Videos, which I always thought were very rad. Anyway, Bright Eyes reminds me of Salem. But that’s not where the story ends. When I first met Andrew I went to his house, and he was playing Fevers and Mirrors. And that was it, that album was so raw, so wonderfully fucking fantastic, that I couldn’t believe it, the album changed my life. Now, noone digs Bright Eyes like I did. I bought all his records. Letting off the Happiness. Holy Shit, man that was an amazing record as well. I saw Bright Eyes the first time with Andrew, Jess his girlfriend, my friend Tim, Conrad, and his brother (I think).

The show was at The Somerville Theater, now I live right down the street from there, but then I was living in Salem. The Good Life opened up for them with Mayday. First time I had ever heard any of these awesome bands. Anyway, I don’t want to lose my point, but I am getting tired. Well i have to finish this thought.

People might not like Bright Eyes anymore, I don’t care I still do. Conner Oberst is an artistic genious, and it is cool and weird to see myself growing up as he is as well. Now he has tons of money, and I work at a restaurant, but anyway regardless, the music is sick.

Reminds me of my friends,
I like the lyrics
smart chord changes,
Conner’s frail yet courageous voice…yeah what?

Alright listen to the album Fevers and Mirrors
Then listen to Letting Off the Happiness
then listen to Lifted
Then listen to Digital Ash In a Digital Urn, it will get you all kinds of fucked up.

Just saying that I don’t get why they hating on Conner? Is it cause his name is Conner, and not MUSE! By the way Muse sucks worse then Coldplay did when they tried to impersonate Radiohead. I mean seriously Muse i can respect for their music, but the songs are lame, and his voice blows.

Please I am open to your thoughts and comments. but seriously Muse Sucks.

Just another Jagged Thought by Jason.