Photography © Chad Parenteau


Covidien Philosophy

What now?
We wonder,
The notches in the drywall
Drawing your attention,
Instead of the sounds
Of that show you’ve seen
Four times already.

We’ve seen the movies,
Read the books,
Played the games,
Only to circle back
To where we started.

Lost in our boredom,
We become thinkers,
The philosophers
Of our generation.

Everyone now
Is seen in a new light,
That was mundane
Allows us now
To do the thinking
We never knew we could

Distracted by
Overstimulating screens;
We cannot settle for simplicity.

But we are forced to now,
With nothing to do,
And our boredom
Becomes a gift

The notches blur
Out of focus,
But now everything else is clear


Noah Schiller is a senior in high school who loves to write poetry. “I started to write poems every day as a quarantine project back in the spring of 2020, and for the past year and a half, I’ve continued to write them. It has become a way to organize all of the thoughts I had flying around my head after a long day of school and social situations.”

Chad Parenteau is Associate Editor of Oddball Magazine.