The snow falls slowly, sadly
On the wings of this plane.
I am hopeful and fearful
All the same.
I’ve met so many people in this short time
And I am so glad to be alive
To witness this life and journey together.
All of my love, in this terrible weather.
Man the storm performs in storms
And we can do this together.
Felt so much love in such a short time
Finding meaning in my life
Even if I don’t see through the view
The sun shines somewhere.
And I, me and my mind, are taking the next plane home.
And if I make it, I’ll feel fulfilled
Grateful to be able to be the catalyst
To change your perspective on
My illness.
Did I mention I have a fear of flying?
I’ll be fine, we’re soon departing
Clear for take off
Wish I could be a better me
Wish my mind would leave me be.
Wish I didn’t have the number three
Injected in my blood stream
But I, me and we we are all living a dream
As scary as it may seem.
We keep day dreaming. Wake up with the same demons
Hope they go away, but they always seem
To keep persistent in my steeple.
God, I’m flying home
And I want you to know.
Be there with me, and My Brave Family.
We will get through this life


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.