by E. “Birdcaws” Eule

A tiny warbler
sits atop a tall, pear tree,
and sings, hardly heard.

E. “Birdcaws” Eule is a haiku poet of birds.


by “Clear Dew” Ibuse

Slowly, the Moon drops
up above the sloped rooftops,
a shining white pearl.

“Clear Dew: Ibuse is a poet fond of Japanese forms in English.


by ‘Wired Clues” Abe

A two-lane highway,
the vista spectacular,
high, sloped, no guard rails,
I pause, on a bike, waiting,
anticipating great speed.

“Wired Clues” Abe is a poet of Japanese forms and technology.


Part of the System
by R. Lee Ubicwedas
“You always will be part of the system.”
—Ira “Dweeb” Scule

The Sun is churning hydrogen in to hot helium,
o, burning, if not yearning, for the perihelion.
The Mercury is rising, Venus isn’t wearing clothes.
The farmer gazes at the Moon, while rich, brown Earth he hoes.
He barely sees Mars near the barnyard, asteroids are faint.
Great Jupiter is turning round, where bright-ringed Saturn ain’t.
Uranus flies before the skies, anticipating knaves,
above the seas, where Neptune oversees ongoing waves
But, o, beyond the darkest regions Pluto reaches for,
the Solar System’s ends, where space-time bends forevermore.

R. Lee Ubicwedas is a poet intrigued by Everywhere.


November 29, 2020
by Drew U. A. Eclibse

The Sun lit up the mountain slopes. The hiker stood in awe.
Could he climb up that gorgeous height so beautiful and raw?
His boots were black; his socks were black; his clothes were dark as night,
but for some silver dog-tags shining in the morning light.
He took a sip of coffee, ah, so as to warm him up.
O, he was thankful for that creamy, concupiscent cup.
He started up that mountain slope with vim and energy.
He loved the Solar Disc and its gold-orange synergy.
The full Moon hung up in the sky, penumbral its eclipse.
that faded in the shadows as the hiker closed his lips.

Drew U. A. Eclibse is a poet of the Moon.


A New Philosophy
by Erisbawdle Cue

We’re told we cannot have a new philosophy. That’s true.
And yet we can have a philosophy that’s truly new.
Part of the problem is philosophy is really on
a quest of light, an Heraclitan-like chameleon.
It travels realms of moral good where justice just is there,
but also has a vision of what is as clear as air,
that realizes beauty is not truth but truly is,
and truth is very hard to see despite the Booleans.
It is exciting even when it seems to run away
just at the moment insights are revealed underway.

Erisbawdle Cue is a poet of philosophy.


Fake CCP Pic
by Cawb Edius Reel
“We are not crooks.”
“Drink Aussie wine.”
—Sbedee Cawli Ru

While Twitter bans American conservatives, it lets
fake pictures from the Chinese Communists upon its nets.
The latest fake ‘s a pic of an Australian soldier that
has placed a knife right at a child’s neck-—a phony splat.
While Chinese Communists ban Twitter from their citizens,
the communists enjoy abusing Twitter netizens.
Outrage is worldwide—New Zealand to Brazil and France—
the false tweet of Zhao Lijian reeks of malevolence,
like that seen in South China Sea, Tibet, and Xinjiang,
Mongolia to India, Taiwan, and points beyond.

Cawb Edius Reel is a poet of images, fake and reel. Sbedee Cawli Ru is a poet fond of koalas and kangaroos.


Mohsen Fakhrizadeh Is Dead
by Abdul Serecewi

Iran suggests the MEK, based in Albania,
assassinated scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.
Though lacking witnesses or evidence, they make their claim,
because the MEK has frequently been held to blame.
To 2012, back from 2007, some have held
five scientists involved in nukes, within Iran. they killed.
Iran says they are funded by and trained by the Mossad,
but there’s no proof to allegations, and they have no bod’.
With tyrannies, by what they’ve said, one’s easily mislead/
Whatever is the case, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh is dead.

Abdul Serecewi is a poet of Iran. The MEK (Mujahedin-e Khalq) is a political, military Iranian organization wanting to overthrown the Iranian Muslim theocracy. In 2012, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton took the MEK off the terrorist list, and monetary gifts were forthcoming.


Here in the Goolag Archipelago
by Rus Ciel Dabeew

In keeping silent, burying the evil deep within,
so that no part of it appear on countenance or chin,
as Solzhenitsyn noted, they’re implanting it, and bold,
it will rise up into the future to a thousand fold.
When we don’t punish or reproach the evildoers now,
who try to wreck the good we have, no matter where or how,
we’re not protecting only their old age and evil deeds,
but wrecking future generations with their fake retreats.
We’re ripping the foundations of what justice we possess.
This is one of the greatest crimes against the people, yes.

Rus Ciel Dabeew is a poet of Russia. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008) was a Russian Postmodernist novelist, short story writer and prose poet, who had been sent to a labour camp in the gulag by the communists for saying what he thought. The Soviet Communists brutally suppressed free speech with vile, deadly earnestness. In the modern era communists tyrants, like Xi Jinping, model themselves after murderous dictators, like Stalin and Mao. It is “their” people who suffer.


The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
by Cause Bewilder
“Let ‘em freestyle…”
—Sage Francis, “Slow Down, Gandhi”

November 3rd in 2020 in the USA;
the people had gone out to vote; it was election day.
The people waited to be heard; it was a bitter fight,
the night the lights went out in Georgia from a water pipe.
In Fulton County in Atlanta, something had gone wrong.
They said a water pipe had sprung a leak. That was their song.
The votes could not be counted, no; for that would not be fair.
The night the lights went out they had to fix the voting there.
They had to stop the counting. It could not continue on.
The counters needed extra time, for something had gone wrong.
But luckily, the Democrats, known for their honesty.
the night the lights went out in Georgia, saved democracy.

Cause Bewilder is a poet of the South.


There Was No Election Fraud
Caud Sewer Bile

O, there was no election fraud in these United States.
It didn’t happen by the Democrats or Biden aides.
There was no fraud in urban centers. How could that occur?
Machines would not allow a single data error, sir.
O, there was no election fraud. The tallies were complete.
The Maon Stream Media would know if someone tried to cheat.
There was no dodge in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan,
Wisconsin, Arizona, or Nevada—not a one.
O, there was no election fraud, and there will be no pork,
like that we read in history, Chicago and New York.

Caud Sewer Bile is a poet of the Swamp.


Hammer and Scorecard
by Esca Webuilder

Surveilling Hammer and exploit Scorecard are used so to conceal..
They’re not a hoax, as some allege; indeed they are quite real.
Both are used to manipulate election vote outcomes,
ES&S, Dominion, Skytl, and Smartmatic sums;
for these are vuln’rable to fraud; and have been used as such
in other lands in order to change tallied votes by much.
Dominion tries to hide relationships its structures have
with China, Cuba, Venezuela, countries known for graft.
Dominion vote machines, for instance, are not hard to hack,
since cryptographic keys were stolen, just last year, in fact.
Kesharvaz-Nia said Wisconsin and Nevada votes
have been manipulated and are false, and also notes,
in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan,
the same is true, a foreign hand and vicious glitch again.
This Hammer and Scorecard attack about those states did skirt,
the law to send results to Scytl servers in Frankfurt.

Esca Webuilder is a poet of computer designs. Navid Kesshavarz-Nia works in cyber security.


Elmer Reihl (1909-1981)
by Bruce Dale Wise

Grandfather Elmer’s dead. He died in 1981.
I just watched “Wilsberg” on the TV. He looked just like him.
Now, as my sight is slowly going; dimmer is the Sun;,
as if I were within the hold with Arthur Gordon Pym.
He lay upon the bed, connected to a breathing tube.
Back then, he was on life support, near death in that bright room,
He held my finger with his hand. His grip was very weak.
I still remember that brief sec torn from eternity.
And then the Medicare ran out, when after one brief month;
the gladiator left the stage; down pointed every thumb.

Bruce Dale Wise is a poet. The character Wilsberg from a a German TV show of that name reminded him this week of his Grandfather.