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4 j-sun w/ luv

on the night Jason went crazy
we lived in a yellow house filled with j names
jen and jake who loved each other madly!!!!
jen threw an ashtray at his head once and I had to call 911
because I thought he was having seizures, who was faking but
still pretty fed up
they loved each other alright and I never heard a word of it
then there was joe who was dealing drugs and we smoked crack together and
tim made a video of him smoking crack to the fugazi song waiting room
without any irony that the band said was straight edge
anyways I don’t remember much but I do remember that
Jason was talking about jesus living on the moon and this was before jesus found me and

"The Path" photography by Sabrina Gravanti

satan lived on mars or maybe the sun, I’m not sure
he had a middle east or rather eastern religion/philosophy class
that made him go crazy and he was thinking about the Buddha and
everyone thought or at least Jason thought that we could read his thoughts but
we were just drunk and Jason said some semi-racist things but I knew he wasn’t racist and I know now where he was coming from and going
anyways the other j name was julian who was left behind by dasan the only black person
I saw on a frequent friendly basis and he was out of his mind
julian then said some pseudo racist things in the form of a poem and joe was offended because he was a drug dealer.anyways julian stripped to his underwear and wigged out joe the other kid who didn’t really live there and we had to kick himout.
eventually joe left too

"The World as I Know It" by Sabrina Gravanti

but Jason left on his own and he walked with henry Rollins down i-95 singing to America
and trying to meet p-diddy
I guess someone picked him up and thought he was crazy
and I guess he was
but he was cool
because he wrote a s load of poems that I really admired both the quantity and
the quality of
and sometimes disturbing
one time we were later recording music and Jason said, inspirationally
make love, drink wine, Buddha bless
that’s what jesus says
and I loved him for that
he also become my cigarette burn buddy
just like my mom except this time it was mutual and we were both drunk.
we drank a lot and I did a lot of stupid things
like balsamic vinegar, bacon, egg salad, chocolate syrup, etc.
and oh yeah the skate board at the kids head and many many more fed up things
smash smash smash, etc,
did Jason destroy, no
he just created he was awesome and I was evil
I slapt him once for no reason other than I wanted to see his reaction
he is solid gold as a friend
no bs
gin and tonic till you vomit

"Blueberry Coast" by Sabrina Gravanti

psyche ward celebrity
oh yeah and he tried to do some kung fu with the customers at the movie theater
before he was fired
and there were many flies on my wall
man the storm friend
God bless you

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I am not afraid.

Here is your poem,

This is what you made.

You made me see a part of me.

A part that I have forgotten,

You wrote it down, in memory of me,

But I am not gone.

You can tell me, that I seem free now

That I am no longer, out of my mind

Maybe I am, but the chains bind….they still

Hang around my hands

Like wires or vines.

See…You see the sense that I had,

The truth I tried to forget.

Mania is a truth, that seems true till

You alienate…

Your friends,

Your lovers,

Your family,

Your self….and all that is left is a memory

A poem written from another

Morning view.

All that’s left is empty beer bottles

Cigarettes and incense

Burned into arms.

The burns heal, leave scars,

But in truth,

We are stars…

And some of us burned out

But stars like us

We shine.