the sixth blot of the Rorschach inkblot test

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when I write,

I try to be the best, like the quest Im on, to be sure shot and head strong, to kick flows like nothing you ever heard on the radio

To see the sites, while I still can move, every night I stand on the stage, and prove it to you, that poetry is not dead, its moving like inertia, you stop we keep moving, and you know that’s unheard of, to quit this poetry thing, cause its impossible when you know the emperor has no clothing, and you know it, but keep the words going like the ebb and flow of the ocean, a manic mind moving, striving for improvement, can’t read what I write sometimes, and just feel stupid, but when I get up on the mic, its teacher and student, but this wordschememovement, is the rudest truth, that we belong to the earth, and it does not belong to us, so be down with each other, be real with each other, keep the consonants and vowels together, and be real with your brother. That’s the realest truth there is, to be cool and learn lessons each day you live.

And on we go, this is JSNWRT, the consonants, constant no vowels, moving to Soul Position, listening to RJD2 on the ones and twos. The pro’s prose,

I think I must be, the bes

Courtesy of Rubba Boots Photography © Lisa Berube 2011

t then I can be, cause if Im not then what do I got, an empty stomach, and a ink blot test, like what can you see can you see this yet, it is green and blue, like the world, and mother ocean, our ocean is bloated with oil, the world seems to be burning down, London’s Burning as we speak, and that just happened in about a week, cause we never stop or slow our speed, quick to erupt when we see the corrupt, but where’s the love, and what happened to free speech?

The meek will inherit the earth, but until then, what can I do, I can’t let people walk all over me, you shouldn’t too, point out a bro dude, and tell him to fix his collar, and that his fake tan sucks, and that youd rather be listening to your own music, rocking your shell toes, or rocking your chucks. Listening to music is the biggest freedom, and sets me apart from them, because I am more exposed, then the emperor with no clothes, cause I listen to this and that, from straight up flows, hip-hop to folk rock, theloniousmingus,birdparker, you know im talking about jazz.

Three stripes at the FunHouse courtesy of Sab Gravanti Photography © 2011

Back when I was a young cat, my dad used to call me jazz, and only a couple believed in this poetry that I do, but now, I think im getting the point out, that this is true lyrics and flows from the prose prose JSNWRT, writing to ignite sparks in life, cause Im sick of being nothing, and driving with no direction,

Im going to flood the engine, and get it going till my name is known in your section.…and on and on I could go on…

But I believe that its best to stop, while you still got your flow on.