The Giving Tree by Leah Barsanti

The Giving Tree

Eloise was a tree. She grew tall and strong and green feet

roots sprouted leg trunks sprouted branch body and branch arms sprouted leaf head and hair.

Eloise was a tree.

Morning Bird Courtesy of Bridget Galway © 2011

James was a woodpecker,

He visited her on Sundays when it didn’t rain and ate bugs off her skin and ran his feet through her hair-

They were cold but she didn’t mind,

But James was a woodpecker and birds fly south for the winter,

She couldn’t follow,

She had to remain true to her roots.

Eric was a squirrel,

He came to Eloise on weekdays that he didn’t spend in his girlfriend’s hole,

He burrowed into her and it hurt a little,

But he was warm and she was glad for the companionship,

But Eric was a squirrel

and eventually he went off in search of his nuts and she never saw him again.

Harold was a lumberjack and she fell for him,

Of course he was just using her for her body,

They all were, in the end.



    1. Many woodpeckers don’t migrate (fly south for the winter). They live in a warm tree hole all year and eat the bugs that live underneath the bark. They can also go to bird feeders for peanut butter and suet (prepared cow fat).

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