Went to Vinnie T’s last night, with my girlfriend. Usually, Vinny T’s is our go to place for good mussels, and an option different then Bertuccis. When we walked in we were given our normal table on the first floor of the Lexington restaurant. Now let me tell you, first off the service was great, kudos for her. But the food was less to be desired.

They changed the whole menu! Everything is different! They jacked up the prices, and took costly ingredients off the menu. I was going to have the scrod. Should have, I like scrod, and god knows Lisa won’t cook anything like that.
But I went with a suggestion from the waitress, and had a sausage, shells and broccoli rabe dish. My girlfriend ordered something with mozzarella balls and eggplant.

Boy, were we disappointed. The shell dish came to the table with crumbled sausage in a bland oil sauce, overflowing with Broccoli Rabe. Lisa’s dish was a scant dish with even fewer ingredients, loaded with tomato sauce, and a few slices of small cubed eggplant.

My girlfriend let me know her agitation with her dish. “I could make this dish, with a two dollar bottle of classico, a few dollars of fresh mozzarella, and half an eggplant. It would of cost me five bucks!” she joked.

Me, I don’t even really cook but I could have made what seemed like a hamburger helper sausage dish. The mussels were good, but they were the same mussels, just more expensive. Man, it cost us fifty bucks. For an extra ten dollars we could have went to Pescatoris in Ball Square, or Vinnies in Sullivan. Hell, even Bertuccis would have been better. What a joke.

I understand that the economy is bad, but changing your menu’s look, adding a whole lot of italiano mumbo jumbo, to make your customer feel stupid, as well as jacking up the prices, and also….18 bucks for scrod? seriously?

The only benefit was the fact that me and Lisa had something we could both complain about other then me and my job search, and the ever constant battle over the dishes.

So in the end, add a little love Vinny Tease, add a little love

just another jagged thought by Jason