If I could remember all my dreams night after night, if I had a filter that would suck these thoughts out of my brain and onto a database, or something, man I would be rich. I have unusual dreams, once I had a full fledge Simpsons dream, I wrote a poem about it the next day. It was a half hour long, and it was animated. Amazing.

Lately I have been dreaming about work alot. Mostly work setttings, with waterslides added, or a crumbling bridge that leads to New York City, its always through Worcester, and then for some reason this bridge becomes unreachable, i never quite get over it.

Sometimes, i have a dream about a haunted house, its not scary anymore, I m pretty sure, it has to do with the picture of the old woman in myhouse. Other times I have dreams about a train station, and I am always late.

Today I slept in late, maybe too late.

Dreams, if I could remember them, like I remember you
would last forever in my memory….

just another jagged thought by jason.