On the train again
People always staring
Me always staring back
Diverting my eyes to keep

Brain music
Finding my thoughts again
Letting the ink out my veins
Onto the page let it out
onto the stage
Let my pain out or just conceal it
Falls on a Boston town

Today we stay together.
As long as we can stand
we can stand it.
Were under the microscope
We are two amoeba
And we live together under a petri dish

Though our love has been tested
We earn each stripe
Danced all night and left our mark on this growing audience

No one sees the bare bones
We hide it through layers of muscle
Walking in a park once
WeI looked down into a glowing mirror
Me and her
Staring at a puddle
Took a photo to remember
Things are never over
Puddles dry
more rain will come
That’s guaranteed
As much
As I know
I will man this storm
Of cold and warm
I’ll do it for you
Cause in honesty
You and me
Still fit piece by piece

As the pieces move we are a
Chess set, and it’s you and me
It’s a
Love poem for when you
feel alone
Cause that’s what love can do

A Poem is only as good as the poet
Holding it
Refuse to quit this game
No folding it
Love is in the hand holding mine
And not controlling it
I am beginning to love each minute

Do right by the pen And do right by her
And do it right the first time
And if it sounds like bullshit
Let it be
But stopping this is like stopping writing or thinking
Not an option for me
I enjoy this guessing game
The freedom I
The walking room
The escape
From a circus

I love her.