Shin splints
Turning 32
Losing everything
But giving it back
To you

Writing in a Boston mind set
Letting the sunshine in
a little bit at a time
Hobbled onto the bus today
Sometimes I feel like
There’s no reason left to try
But though my pain in my legs
I still can breathe through smoky lungs
And like Yoda says and
imagine this in his accent
Do or do not. There is no try.
And just like that the Boston skyline appears and I look over to see a woman
holding a cake
And it reminds me that
somewhere and sometime in the world
There’s always
milestones and reasons to celebrate
I look up again from the poem
I have invested in
And smile
And realize that life isn’t always sunshine
And sometimes the rain is
too hard
And sometimes there’s less light
but even in the dark, the street lights guide the children home
I’m learning to embrace each minute
Because I feel blessed
To be able to write like this
Even if it doesn’t make a million
I let out the ink out of my veins
And that’s what keeps me living.