Today we celebrate

Today we celebrate you

Your voice
The movement of your words
The happiness that shines in each line
That shows in your eyes

The world can be lonely
But you, you stung me

You showed me that words
Can ignite sparks
Illuminate broken lights
Stop fights
Slow the world down
But keep the movement right

Truly a blessing to hear you
To know you
To feel the positivity of your glow
To believe
That words can change us
That words can make us better

That letters strung together
To make words
Strung together to make sentences

Evokes emotion
Evokes truth
Just like mathematics
Brings together positives and
Negatives and for a minute

While the words flow
We are all equal
No status, just mathematics

Bee, to me you are poetry
Bee, to me you are special
Bee, to me you are loved

the honey will always flow
And your pen will never run out of ink
As long as you keep the love of words in your heart
And keep writing
And giving us the honey

Today is a gift poet
But so is tomorrow
And the next
But to those who know You

Everyday is a gift

Keep shining

Bee Cool Bee
Bee cool
Keep bringing the honey