CLUB BOHEMIA welcomes back ERATO this Saturday, March 19th and we are geeked to have DJ Househead Pete bringing his Music on this night!!

As a resident at H.O.M.E. alongside DJ Bruno and Leo Alarcon, as well as invitations to drop guest sets at ERATO this month and at Sessions in April, Pete is “a music lover. A very picky one but still a music lover. DJ or not it will always be a part of my life. As the late Duke Ellington said, ‘Music is my mistress, and she plays second fiddle to no one.'”

Pete’s home provided him with music on the daily. His father was a music teacher, administrator and director whose upright piano was one of Pete’s first DJ experiences. Pete says if we were to ask his Mother, who


would sing Gospel music in the house all of the time and was a musical experience “in its simplest form”, “she would say I was a DJ ever since I was old enough to reach up on top of my dad’s upright piano and turn the knob on the stereo. Like I said before I was kinda picky. So I would find a song that I liked, bug out, and if I didn’t like the next song I would channel surf till I found something I liked and bug out some more. That was my foundation.”

“The music itself” has always been Pete’s inspiration

, even before he became a DJ. “There is a great power


in it. When I was younger, and times were rough, there was always a song that could either change or reinforce what I was feeling. That was its power for me. It was an emotional attachment for me.”

As a creator of events and DJ, Pete “like[s] to keep it simple. I try not to over produce anything. Keep it as raw as possible. And as a patron I love a welcoming community, and music that is engaging to some degree. Like, I couldn’t spend a whole night just listening to beats. Not dissing dj’s that do because they know their crowd and what they want. Just for me, I can’t get into it. I play vocals more because I think it engages the crowd better. It’s a way of speaking to them on a similar level like the way music spoke to me and my life growing up.”

“The reason I became a DJ was my love of House music. I’m not going to lie, when I first heard House I was not feeling it at all. I think mostly it was because I only heard the beat side of House. But when I experienced songs like Phase II- Reachin, Spring- No Time (for crying), Alyus- Follow me, UBQ Project- We can make it, I could go on forever… But the raw emotion of the vocal had me hooked forever.”

“I had 3 outlets for House music in the 90’s. Axis Tuesdays with DJ Rudeboy, Bruno at The Loft Boston, and I would listen and tape The Club Scene Mastermix on 88.1 with Bruno and Max every week. But The Club Scene Mastermix went off the air, The Loft was closing, and Axis kicked out the house heads to go Euro. And in September of 94, a kid I worked with who was a DJ asked me if I wanted to buy his old gear and I said yes. The rest was history I guess you could say” and the Boston House Music Scene has been fortunate ever since!

Not only did House Music move him, Pete also shares, “from the first time I ever stepped into a House club, I felt like I was with family. The House community is as raw and beautiful as it gets. No pretentious bullshit. You walk in and accepted for who you are. I have met so many amazing beautiful people over the years in the community. So much love to every one of you!!”
WE LOVE YOU BACK PETE!!!! Sincerely.!

ERATO this month also recognizes the global movements held every March in celebration of Women. ALL Ultra Women are treated with a $5 cover All Night in recognition of Your You!

Residents T.C.C. Lady DJ on Deck for the Women, DJ Ice-Queen Mystina and DJ Dende alongside one of all of our personal favorite DJs, Househead Pete, this Saturday night in Cambridge!

The Sounds! We’re looking forward to them at Club Bohemia, 738 Massachusetts Avenue. 21+ door and a $10 cover …$5 cover for Divas all night!…*Truly Special Event* 9:00 p.m. doors ~ We hope you’ll join us in welcoming Spring, celebrating Women, jamming to 3 of Boston’s baddest and the reason-reason : TO DANCE!

In Love.


Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect.