I’m having nightmares so I wake up
To put them out

There’s trouble walking

I can see it

Airing about

I stumble up to not get caught
In the act

It’s making out

I make sure

I wake up

That I get out

I see backs
And scowls

Hear pleads
Sense hours

Time space




Connections trained
I Disengage

I’m having nightmares so I wake up
To put them out

A firefighter never said

I was about

Electrocuting open ends

Thoughts about

I never said I’d reconnect

To put them out

I water fire
For its smoke
And smolder out

My System

Electric currents

Through her

No in or out

Even on sleep
I do not need
A peep

I’m not a keep

Awake entranced

In every realm

There’s not a chance

I’m sleeping soundly
Conscious life
In peace


I’m sleeping soundly
Without a shake or fret

I’m sleeping soundly

I roll and rest

Without lament

Or thoughts
For me
To fight off

I’m seeing troubles
For me not meant



Shining for me

Recourse direction
That location

Is boiling steam

Foggy cloudy mist
Quite dizzying

Capturing targets

Its unknown piracy

I’m having nightmares so I wake up

To put them out

No longer saving
And damsels


Sailing through life

On constant stress

Refuse unfaced courses

Hand over to others
Their duress

Calm intercept
With a cried wept

So they can rest

A night’s sound sleep is just the best

Stilling your body

Your brain
Your head

You keep a mess

Above your bed

Your rest is just a test

Turn toss a little less

I do fine
I’m with mine

I do not care

If you can’t sleep at night

How you can sleep at night

Your life your line

You will not find
Aligned through space and time


Barred spiral
No entry galaxy

In this realm
We all sleep

In deep peace

Nightmares we put them out

Do not step in

To help demons out

Don’t feel a thing

We end things

Without a doubt

Wake up sing
Stage 3

What awaits at rising

Nightmares they do not blind

Conscious Dreaming minds.

I had to leave someone I love,
so they can learn how to love


Don’t hurt the ones you love
By not

Loving Yourself

Love yourself to know love

Its greatest wealth

Rest without the stealth
Unprotected shielded

Shared inhaled wish

Very cautious words

Through parting lips

Vibrating tones annoying phones
Exciting daylight

Until you’re home

Lay still unfold
Travel at 4

Unrehearsed in purest form

Nightmares calling from brewing storms

I put them out
They’re not my door

I thought it knew
That this one Boo

Doesn’t play with monsters



Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect.