In this new series for Oddball Magazine, cartoonist George Panagopoulos and poet Chad Parenteau will take political cartooning and mix it with light (and not so light) politically charged verse inspired (sometimes loosely) by the illustration, sometimes maybe even in opposition to it. This will be an experimental venture with words and pictures, which might be intertwined more so in the future. Don’t forget to give us your feedback, both “likes” and “dislikes” (though there is no button for the latter).


Comic © George Panagopoulos

Comic © George Panagopoulos


Putin takes on the Ukraine
refusing to lose what he’ll gain
signing force into law
to thunderous applause
showing that old trick works again.


The U.S. calls Russia’s act rude
responding with like attitude.
Setting sanctions to get
Russia’s economy wrecked.
Putin shrugs and says, “Been there done that, dude.”


Perhaps at the end of the day,
the west will have to say, “Okay.”
With all your nukes,
we’ll lower our dukes,
and that’s how the thugs get their way.


These limericks aren’t funny no more.
So what? The subject is war.
And what’s more bizarre
is that Putin’s a star
that anti-west groups now adore.


Another large battle now lurks
and Putin continues his smirks.
At best, we just stall,
cause if we’ve learned nothing at all
it’s that countries invade ’cause it works.


George Panagopoulos is an Artist, Writer, and Comedian from Worcester, MA. You won’t catch him pulling punches, he tries to focus on truth above partisan politics. “I want you to be compelled to discuss my stuff, it’s about starting a dialogue, making you reflect, and hopefully laugh”

Chad Parenteau’s limericks have been seen floating around in places like Salon and Mad Kane’s Humor Blog. He is a contributing editor to Oddball Magazine.