Artwork © Irene Koronas

Artwork © Irene Koronas

gertrude morning

a reasonable position concerning stein
her conscientiousness boggles with critical eye
her circumstances in perspective

she traveled the precipice
falling off into out of far off till time ticks her off
blind until morning streams on her black skirt
and there are no high heels for her for she for they for we
expect nothing more than this
this then is where she resides
besides if you read the label it says size 20
meant for larger women who want to feel thin
and what is thin. there is slim there is trim
there is reduced to this
that is what this remains
fastened on the shoes she wore
the dashes and dots, periods rush to her toes

bulbing her image on posters and screens
she pulled up the window shades

we have this image in our minds
sipping the flat surface we embrace
only what is a clip art suggestion
of who she was. we know what is written
we think we know but who can really know
who anyone is or was and if thats not enough
i hardly think she was when she was
judging who she was
when she was
who she was
flinging bling
finding no rings on her fingers

Irene Koronas has a fine arts degree from Mass College of Art Boston. She is a multi-media artist working with paint, collage, mono-printing, artists books, poetry and photography. She is currently the poetry editor for Wilderness House Literary Review. Her poetry has appeared in journals, magazines, and online zines. Her poetry is in eight anthologies, and she has two full length books, self portrait drawn from many Ibbettson Street Press; pentakomo cyprus, Červená Barva Press . Emily Dickinson, Propaganda Press (chapbooks); Zero Boundaries Cervena Barva Press, Turtle Grass Muddy River Books, will be available in April 2014.