Illustration © George Panagopoulos

Illustration © George Panagopoulos


Jon Stewart will surely be missed
for years of Schadenfreuden bliss.
Call it biased shit
you have to admit
the left had eight years to be pissed.

Fox News attached him like a hun
but every time Jon Stewart won.
He just stayed sunny
being honest and funny
while Fox could not hack either one.

Jon Stewart told Fox to go screw,
but might tell Trevor Noah “Screw you too!
I had nine-eleven
you’ve got Donald Trump heaven.
It’s the easiest job that you’ll do!”

Good luck, Mr. Noah, as you go
right into next year’s pony show.
I won’t envy you
if it’s all Déjà vu:
Bush/Clinton minus BJ’s and blow.


Chad Parenteau is Associate Editor of Oddball Magazine.

George Panagopoulos is an Artist, Writer, and Comedian from Worcester, MA.