As an avid Linkin Park fan, the death of Chester Bennington is pretty fucking tragic.

When I first listened to Linkin Park, I thought the whole rap/rock thing was kind of stupid. Eventually it grew on me and I was hooked. I always loved Mike Shinoda’s rapping, but it was Bennington’s electrifying vocals that truly brought the band to life.

I listened to Meteora a lot in high school and it just got me (if there’s such a thing). I listened to this album while on the treadmill recently, and I haven’t had an album speak to me like this since The Beatles’ Rubber Soul. This album gives words to some very complex emotions I spent my whole life dealing with. The song “Figure.09” truly resonates with me.

Bennington’s lyrics spoke to many of us who struggled with depression, emotional/psychological trauma and pain. If you’ve never listened to Linkin Park, I implore all of you to do so. “Breaking the Habit” and “Somewhere I Belong” are still to this day two of my favorite LP songs of all time.

Suicide is a tragic thing and I don’t wish it on my worse enemies. As someone who struggled with suicidal ideation years ago, the subject hits pretty close to home. My only wish once again is that we don’t wait until celebrities die from suicide to have conversations about mental health. While this is pretty tragic, I hope we can continue to have this conversation every day.

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