For those who have been living under a rock for the past few months, Nintendo announce a brand new IP called ARMS back in January for the Nintendo Switch. The game utilizes two Joycon Motion controllers and plays much like Wii Boxing. The game involves you controlling characters who can extend their arms to punch the opposing player. I had the chance to play this at PAX as well as a beta over the weekend. Here are some knee jerk reactions to playing ARMS on the Nintendo Switch this weekend.

1. Pretty fun game with a lots of depth buried in it.

2. The two on two matches are okay but, I think I’ll stick with 1v1. 2v2 seems pretty hectic.

3. There are way too many Twintelle users on this. I love the character but, she’s gonna be the most over used character in this game.

4. This game is Wii boxing on steroids. I feel like this was originally planned for the WiiU but, for whatever reason never made it. It’ll do much better on the Switch.

5. The online multiplayer is solid. Hopefully Nintendo has had the time to improve their infrastructure.

I believe Nintendo has a hit on their hands (pun intended). I have very high expectations for the final product. I’ll be out with a final review shortly.

Nice and tidy.


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