Time for my mind to rewind
To take back the sunshine
Reinforce my storm.
Showcase the light in all forms
Write random lyrics
Release them all on all platforms
Sad for a minute
But the dude abides and man the storm
It never dies
The mind might tighten
But each word I have written
Is not in vain
Got the microphone mind
And acid stained brain
But I maintain, and exhibit the stance
To get the damned man dancing
In the avalanche
Wrote a suicide note but
Took it back
Ripped it up
man the storm, sense don’t go out like that
So when I get in this funk and I don’t dance
Then I got to get back on the whiplash dance floor and take the power back.
Death will
Come one day but not for me
Man the storm floating out in the sea
Poetry shines like the sun
Rises with the tide and manthestorm keeps an even keel with the thunderstruck
The down, the wounded, the lost, the luckless
The young and breathless who are no longer with us
Didn’t pass the litmus test


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.