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Power Station by Dennis Daly

Heart Attack by Allie Gold © 2012
broke in black and white courtesy of Shabunawaz Photography ©2010

Governs our world by its generation

Of crackling fire, a variation

On the solvent, power possessing stone

That transmutes a base fuel to the unknown


Realm of driven turbines, coiled dragons

And their treacherous ilk. A burst tube bludgeons

Three men to death with steam-pressured burning

On a frantic day, on a worker’s morning.


There are other causalities. Those who breathe

For years the trace cadmium that will wreath

Us tomorrow in the grit of fly ash

And tomorrow after that. The mishmash


Of raining residue, and broken words

Flutter aside the landscape like black birds

Eying their petulant, bewildered prey.

Conveyed upwards, a diagonal skyway


Crosses the stacks: our heaven so infused.

On earth we bow our heads to art, confused

By what’s above, the ruts of power lines

Birthing creations, etching life’s designs.


Heart Attack by Allie Gold © 2012
Heart Attack by Allie Gold © 2012
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Adam and Alpha by Andrew Borne

Atmosphere and Ionosphere
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Arise! The sun and anew

A nude day new year, aborning; new man

Made aboriginal in the Lord; noon day today

Flesh which was dead

Abased, compost,

compass calender

Look to the aortic apex like aquatic

In primordial providence

Shaped of clay

Affirmed aerate of Abba,



Bred-in-the-bone, a dad

Breathy song, absent child

But still this dad

And this child missed

A breech presentation

Afoot from the womb

A ghost limb

A time without a daughter

Who makes me a father