The Third Annual Oddball Christmas Story- The Lonely Boy on Christmas by Jason Wright-Editor

2020-03-03T22:27:15-05:00December 23rd, 2013|3TV, Art, Back In the day, Chad Parenteau, Contributors, food criticism, It's All One Thing, Jagged Thoughts, Jason Wright, Oddball 2010-2012, Rob Martin, sense one, Special Columns, Stone Soup Servings, T.J Edson, Toni Bee, Topic of Discussion|

  There once was a town it seemed that was always cold. Even when it was warm it still was always cold. The people were mean. The people weren't [...]

3TV Presents, A Youtubed Poem by Nate Maxson

2020-03-03T22:27:46-05:00December 23rd, 2013|3TV, Columnists, Live Poetry|

  Conquistador’s Birthday Spectrous like a Geiger counter before spirit-rot sets in/secret agent aryan Marilyn Monroe does her signature shimmy on Christopher Columbus’s poop-deck, “feliz cumbleaños señor presidente”/ bellisimo, [...]

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