This begins now.

I feel good again, its been a long time. Poets, artists lets reconvene, and put life back in to ODDBALL MAGAZINE.

I’ve been depressed I’ll admit it, kind of hard when you have mental illness. But I’m back and I hope you are too. So lets build this thing together.

Im on a new medicine. It’s called wishful thinking.

(also new thyroid medicine,  no more late for work, no more severe depression)

this is a poem, from my new book I am writing titled “School of Thought”




I think that I might lose my job tomorrow

But I feel like that every Friday

I feel good.

The new prescription works

Woke up and set a personal best

Less then 6 hours rested

And still got up, and did my best.


Early to work, early to rise,

Keeps food on the table

And love in your life.

Might turn on the computer

And navigate to the old website

Time to breathe new life

Into dead megabytes.


Im going to kick the magazine back into high gear

Yell from the hallowed halls

of the database


And if you are, I thank you


A new book.

A new medicine.

A new me.


And this feeling isn’t going away any time soon

I’m like a new chapter

A fresh fish

A sweet apple

A megapixel

Dilated and rattled

But still face any battle

Been battered

But never shattered


Back in time

Rewind my history

Rewrite my future

Feel the conclusion is far from over


The clouds have gotten lower

But its still sunshine in my summer